It was a fairly consistent uphill hike all the way up decreasing slightly toward the end. We just did the 2.2 as that is all we planned on. We saw three hikers coming down as we were going up. We also saw four bicyclists on our way down. It was a clear day so we were easily able to see Seattle.

Absolutely beautiful views of mountain ranges! I didn't see a single person on the trail. The only negative is that I ran into a snake 3 separate times! They weren't huge snakes but it made it so I had to be looking down at the trail instead of enjoying the scenery.

Decent trail. I haven't hiked in roughly 3 years. I went with a buddy and it kinda kick our ass a bit. We were on a time constraint the weather was supposed to get nasty the afternoon so we did an earlier hike. We got to the top and back down in 3 hours with a few breaks in between. The view was great at the top! the Hike is definitely worth the view. I would not recommend first time hikers and small children. It's a lot of long straight switch backs. This would be a good hike for folks who have done a couple and want to push themselves to the next level. I hear parking can be iffy but we had no problems when we went.

6 months ago

trail running
6 months ago

It was a blast in the snow!

A decent workout, 9 miles round trip and steady incline to the top. The trail is an old logging road and access road to the antenna at the top of the mountain. Well maintained. It would be fun on a bike as there are lots of side trails cutting through the woods. Good views from the top of the Olympic range, tacoma, and Mt Baker(?) to the north. A good winter time trail when all the higher peaks are Icy.

1 year ago