One word: TICKS.

Not very good for summer. Not a lot of shade, dry and too hot for my dogs. We are all beginners at hiking and it was not a good hike for them at all. I think it will be great in the winter for snowshoe practice.

this was a good hike. lots of tall grass that holds lots of bugs. we used big spray that repels mosquitoes and ticks, we weren't touched once by bugs. beautiful hike. I was hoping to see old buildings from the homestead but we didn't see any, next time we will try some of the other smaller trails and maybe we might find something. watch out for the horse poop though.

Walked through tickville on the northeast portion of the loop. We chose the trail closest to the water and ended up walking through some pretty high grass by the time we got back to the main trail. Found about 20 or so dog ticks between the dog, my wife, and me by the end of the day. If you stay on a wider trail then it shouldn’t be so bad, but 11 of them were from that one stretch of field.

The water was too high on the northwest portion to finish the loop, so we had to turn around. Took the path that leads up hill a bit and had much better luck there.

There weren’t very many trail markings so we had to rely on our phones to make sure we got on the right trail coming back to avoid tickville.

Beautiful area.

Absolutely beautiful trail with flowers blooming everywhere.
Bugs were atrocious and the ticks got into everything. Left a couple dozen before leaving the trailhead and found that many more once we got home. Dogs were especially covered.
Water is still way high to make a loop but the ticks are responsible for the loss of two stars.

3 months ago

Not a fan of this trail, though it is pretty, the trail isn't very clearly marked. It is hard to find the path that leads around the pond so I just ended up wandering in an open field with little shade. There is private property next door and it is hard to tell where the line is or the trail. There are also a TON of ticks in this area. Not worth going back to check it out.

Beautiful views, ticks everywhere. Even precautions failed. Those that used essential oils found that it worked better than bug spray.

Was a pretty area, but way infested with ticks. Took dogs. Was fun for them, but everyone continued to find ticks even an hour or two after the hike. Also dogs were treated for ticks. Didn’t make a difference.

Great trail system. If you have kids, this is an excellent geocaching trail. First time we have been to this area. I’d like to go back in the summer once the mud has dried up, so we can walk all the way around the lake.

Very muddy and parts of the trails are closed.

Fun trail used for hikers and horses. Amazing bird watching.

7 months ago

Wait for Summer. Easy trail. Kid and Dog friendly. Was a pretty view but the trail was either super icy or you are slopping through mud.

My lab and I did the trail in October and we both really enjoyed it. Missed the trail at north end of Lake and had to hike through some mush. The dog loved it because he had a chance to get in the water at the canal.

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