Well kept trail. Pretty basic hike

This trail was awesome, a very good workout going up, but doable. The view from the top is vast and has a gorgeous lookout over the winding Spokane river.

Love this hike try to do it once a year. great view at the top. Have seen birds, including turkeys, water mammals, butterflys and wildflowers.

Nice trail when not flooding season, relatively easy walking trail, beats a sidewalk in the city.

Long but worth it. A lot of this is uphill with beautiful views.

Really lovely walk.

Great hike. plan on having lunch at the top where there is a panoramic view of Spokane River.

6 months ago

This hike is the lesser known opposite end of the Little Spokane River trail that extends southeast from the Indian Painted Rocks parking lot past St. George's School. The elevation changes quite a bit on the far east of this route near Waikiki Road. The western half is more mellow and slightly more scenic. There are not any amazing viewpoints, but it is a pleasant and moderately challenging hike nonetheless.

Great 2.5 hr loop near town will be back

Nice easy trail

No dogs allowed

Parking lot was packed so I figured trail would be high traffic. Turns out everyone goes there to kayak, the trail was completely empty. Plenty of shade, quiet, and an awesome view.

if you want an easy hike, just do the painted rock trail. knothead summit is climb, be prepared. well worth the trek up.

8 months ago

This trail is one of those that doesn't really blow you away, but it is simple and pleasant enough that you wish you lived right by it and could walk it every day just to clear your head. It is one of the closest hikes to where I live, so it is definitely an easy fall-back if I don't feel like making other plans. That's basically what happened today. I had already done the full Knothead Loop before, so this section of it was nothing new. It was getting too late in the day to go anywhere else, so I decided to get at least a little hiking in, and this spot won out as a repeat.

8 months ago

this was a good place to go hike the trails for beginners and families. there was beautiful views and was very peaceful. there was also friendly people along the way. but not everyone that goes there follows the rules,such as no dogs. cause there was dogs on trail along with going in the water.

9 months ago

Make sure to bring water if you intend to do the full loop, as it is strenuous going up the hill. This was my first serious hike this year, and my body wasn't really ready for it. I enjoy challenges though, and I made it around (with a slight variation at the "top").

9 months ago

its just okay

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Nice trail.

Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Pretty easy terrain. Beautiful rock formations. No dogs allowed...not sure why.

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