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3 days ago

Hiked to Blue Lake. Pretty good climb for awhile. Thousands of wild blueberry plants with ripe fruit. Traveled 9/15 through 9/19. 2 rainy days but clear other days. Cold at night with some frost. No mosquitoes this time of year. Have to camp in designated areas, not much dry firewood

Nice hike in the remoteness of Indian heaven wilderness. Not a tough hike per se but gradually goes up hill most of the way. Can scramble to summit with a little bit of finesse without much difficulty if you’re sure footed. Not a hard trail to find with trail labeled.

8 days ago

A very pleasant hike. Probably the real question about which direction to take is whether you want to hit lakes shortly after the uphill climb (then start on the Indian Heaven trail) or end with lakes just before starting the downhill (then start with the Cultus Creek trail. In any case, this hike is mainly about meadows and lakes with a few good vistas. And this time of year the huckleberries are amazing, the bugs nonexistent, the the colors beautiful. Pay attention to the mushrooms. There are so many varieties, some of amazing size (large and small) and some with brilliant colors. Take the trails to Deep Lake, Lemei Lake, Deer Lake, Wood Lake - you may as well enjoy the lakes. In all but one case, we had the lakes to ourselves.

12 days ago

Enjoyable late summer hiking loop; lots of clear blue lakes and brownish ‘puddle’ lakes. Streams all dry. Hiked lollipop figure 8 counter-clockwise. Planned to camp in Forlorn Lakes at Deer or Beer Lake; too many other campers so branched half mile west to Elk Lake & nearly had it to ourselves. No bugs! Loads of wild blueberries. Didn’t start hiking Saturday till 2:30 pm & on trail Sunday by 9:00 am; didn’t encounter many hikers. Small black bear just south of Lemei Rock. Drove in via Carson out via Trout Lake (easier). Finished off the weekend w/scrumptious hamburger, fries & Hefe @ Clark Louis in Stevenson. BTW, my husband & I rate this as moderate, not difficult...maybe someone rated it that way due to distance. Cheers!

One of my favorite places to hike Aug-Oct. The first bit is a boring up hill climb, but then you get to great mountain views, lakes and huckleberries. There were still quite a few huckleberries labor day weekend. If you want views I'd recommend following the directions up to Lemei rock. If you prefer lakes, continue on trail 33 to the PCT. Take a left for about 1.6 miles, then left again just before Junction lake on the Lemei Lake trail for 2 miles back to complete the loop and head back to the car. You'll pass 6 lakes and lots of huckleberry meadows on this pretty flat loop. A side trip to Deep Lake is only 0.2miles from Cultus lake and has a nice view of Adams. Not sure why this says no dogs, my two labs came along and had a blast swimming in all the lakes. A stop at Backwoods Brewery in Carson after makes for a perfect day!

Nice easy hike. We continued to a beautiful Bear lake which is only 1.5 km from the Junction lake.

I was with Lisa: see below

I went with Lisa. see the review below

26 days ago

Start from Cultus Creek side of loop, rather than Indian Heaven. It’s very rocky and steep-we came down that way and wished we’d gone up it instead. A lot of work for end of hike. Overall really enjoyed this hike. Gorgeous views, meadows, huckleberries, lakes, not too many people. Not dusty. Good climbs in and out.

8/28/18 Loved this trail. Wanted a mellower hike after doing the nearby 6.1 mile Indian Heaven hike yesterday. Slightly hilly, so got our heart rate up, but not too challenging. Beautifully groomed trails. Lots of ripe huckleberries trail side-wished I had brought a container to pick into and take home. Only saw one other group of hikers and a small group camping at the lake-which was muddy. Overall just a lovely, peaceful trail.

29 days ago

Good entry to the Indian Heaven Wilderness and the PCT

great hike virtually no mosquitoes a little smoke in the air but overall it was a great day to hike and the lake is fantastic.

mosquitoes mosquitoes. Other than that beautiful, did I say mosquitoes!

This is a beautiful out and back trail to hike with almost all the elevation gain on the first 2.5 miles from the trailhead to Junction lake, but the return hike is mostly downhill. You must register at the trailhead with the provided tags (even if your just day hiking and not backpacking), but it’s quick, easy and free.
BRING BUG REPELLENT!! During mosquito season it’s unbelievably terrible how many times we were bitten, even with frequent repellent application, so be prepared.

It’s a favorite hike for my wife and I with our Lab. Remember that our 4 legged friends must be on leash and happy trails!

1 month ago

The mosquitoes and the biting flies were the bane of my existence on this hike up to Blue Lake. It was incredibly beautiful but even covered in DEET I was swatting flies and mosquitoes for three hours straight. I could hardly enjoy myself.

Google maps shows you arriving at the trail about 300 feet before you actually do. There is a road sign at the actual trailhead, and parking for about 4 cars. Well maintained trail. The last .6 mile to the Rock has the most elevation gain in a short span. Mosquitos were abundant at the Rock. Finally has to put on bug spray. The views of Mt Rainier, and Mt Adams are worth everything.

2 months ago

Beautiful view of Mt Adams and St Helens early on. Lots of lakes and meadows. Decent wildflowers. LOTS of mosquitos the whole trail even with 98% deet. Seriously bad mosquitos.

2 months ago

Absolutely beautiful trail! Many lakes along the way to wherever you’re headed with gorgeous meadows. My husband and were going to backpack in and stay the weekend but were eaten alive by mosquitos!! We stayed at the lake for about ten minutes and headed out. Guessing September may be the perfect time to come back. Bugs are out in full force mid July!

Tried to hike this weekend. Roads are still snow covered over 4 miles away from trailhead.

a hard hike but so worth it.

Still too much snow on the road to get to the trail head in my jeep

Friday, September 08, 2017

Not spectacular, just really... pleasant (in the best sense of the word). Steep climb at the beginning, but very nice on the Indian Heaven "plateau". Very park-like, pretty lakes, some peekaboo mountain views (Mt Adams is the major one, with Goat Rocks & Mt Rainier in the distance), tons of huckleberries, lots of places to camp. The Cultus Creek section of trail is especially steep (even on the way down) and narrow, but is kinda neat because you get glimpses of how high up you really are.

Buggy as expected, but no mosquitos (as of 8/19). Roads are partly paved and gravel/dirt (very dusty) but in good condition. Even with a lot of parking spots in the campground, none open when I first got there on a Saturday. Popular!

Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Trail in great condition- we camped farther in Junction Lake, going roundabout through Blue Lake onto PCT.
Got chased out by the East Crater fire on Sunday Sept 4. There's actually a direct

Monday, September 04, 2017

Pretty scenery, especially the lakes. Do the Lemei hike as well, amazing views from that location.

Friday, August 25, 2017

Mosquitoes are horrid right now! Even covered in deet didn't slow them down. Such a bummer, had to leave trail soon after b/c we were covered.

Friday, August 25, 2017

Epic swim in the lake. Great views. No bugs. Perfect day on the trail.

on Thomas Lake Trail

Sunday, August 13, 2017

If you come across a road closed sign, it just turned out to me a minor wash out. Any 4WD vehicle should have no problem getting through.

The hike itself is nice and easy, lots of lakes and minimal elevation gain. We were a little early for huckleberries this year. Bugs were out but not in force.
(Early Aug 2017)

Saturday, July 22, 2017

short hike. Could get off the beaten path quiet easily.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

I did not get to Lake Wapiki because the trail eventually was covered in packed and mushy snow. Yes, snow mid-July! The first 0.7 miles is quite the workout but settles after that. The mosquitos are pretty voracious around Deep Lake and Cultus Lake. I'm so glad I had bug spray but that wasn't blood sucking bug proof enough. The Indian Heaven backcountry is amazingly beautiful and this hike easily has become one of my top 5.

Sunday, July 09, 2017

Awesome view of Mt Adams. I think it is about two miles up! We couldn't get to the lake because of snow. Mosquitos are horrible! Trail 33

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