4 months ago

kid friendly

Beautiful water front.

6 months ago

Good trail to run for beginners since it's the ground is level pretty much all the way through. There isn't much to see and if you aren't familiar with the trail it could get easy to get lost as well. I recommend that if you are afraid of dogs, don't come to this park because even though they have signs that tell the owners it is prohibited to let your dog of the leash ... they still do it. I know because I had only been on the trail for all of ten minutes and saw two dogs who were unattended... very friendly dogs I might add but unattended. It's also fairly close to the bad part of town so if you bring your car , make sure you don't leave anything that is of value visibly inside ( avoiding any break in's) ... well hopefully this helped :)

trail running
7 months ago

Awesome trail to run , I am an professional trails builder in multiple national parks and wow am I always please to see well done trail work at the small preserves and state parks do keep up the great work guys and gals #findyourpark #trailcrew

Careful - the pictures are confusing. Illahee Hertage preserve is not Illahee state park. The Preserve is behind Fred Meyers off hwy 303. Best hiking there.

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