A great and moderate difficulty hike. Great scenery and quiet even on a hot summer day. We went off course but easily found our way back on the trail. My only critique would be maybe some signs that could point us in the right direction. Otherwise great hike!

Well maintained, fairly easy to follow trail. It helped using Alpine Quest on my phone to follow the Gulch Loop trail and not accidentally go off on any of the side trails. A nice hike that wasn't took difficult.

Beautiful trail and respectful visitors. Loved it

Great spot close by, and nice area of solitude within the city. Will definitely be going back!

1 month ago

A great little hike. Close to home and not crowded. The trains are fun to watch. The tadpoles are out. A little muddy, but not bad. Mountain bikes ride this trail to so keep and eye open.

1 month ago

Just did this hike today, it was very muddy and the trail was hard to follow thanks to poor signage. We got turned around several times and ended up going up/down hills unnecessarily several times. It's listed as 3.3 miles but we ended up doing 5.5. It was a fun trail overall though, lots of birds, quiet, almost no traffic and my dog loved it. I'd do it again, now that I know the trail route a little better I don't think I'd get as turned around again.

The third boardwalk is out but you can still get down to the Gulch by starting the other direction (north of dog park) taking gravel path by the railroad. That was disappointing and better signage would helpful.

However, the waterfalls were pretty and there were many blooming bleeding hearts and salmon berry bushes! A nice path of woods not far out.

This trail is fairly easy (somewhere between easy and moderate) overall. The east side of the loop is much better defined than the west side of the loop. Its much easier to take wrong turn on the west side leading to a muddy dead end resulting in having to loop back.

My Garmin tracked my trip as 3.7 miles and the climb at around 770 ft. (I know that I took a couple of wrong turns on the west side of the trail.) There are few few signs pointing to the right direction (points off for this shortcoming) but it seems that all roads get you to the destination. On the plus side, you don't have to walk very far along the trails to feel like you are out in the wilderness.

A good hike to do once, but I wouldn't take the time to do it again.