Poor trail and no markings. In several places the trail splits with no indication of where to go. We ended up turning around and leaving.

24 days ago

Didn't like this hike at all. Cool with the track, but that's pretty much it. (Went there about a week ago).

very poorly marked.

It was a great hike. Good for all skill levels. I only wish it was better marked.

A great and moderate difficulty hike. Great scenery and quiet even on a hot summer day. We went off course but easily found our way back on the trail. My only critique would be maybe some signs that could point us in the right direction. Otherwise great hike!

Well maintained, fairly easy to follow trail. It helped using Alpine Quest on my phone to follow the Gulch Loop trail and not accidentally go off on any of the side trails. A nice hike that wasn't took difficult.

Beautiful trail and respectful visitors. Loved it

Great spot close by, and nice area of solitude within the city. Will definitely be going back!