Trail is super narrow but very pretty. Still some snow in the wooded areas and quite muddy in areas.

Waste of an hour. It's nowhere near the creek. Just another side-hill then featureless walk in the withered forest.

8 months ago

This trail is especially cool because in no way does it end with the out-and-back shown. It connects in many places with the High Drive Parkway Trail, extending its reach dramatically.

I want to amend my review from 3 stars to 4 (can't edit, for some reason). It's really lovely trail that is very accessible from town. The first half mile or so (?) is along a very steep hillside; the trail itself isn't steep, but it's narrow and if you slip, you'll roll all the way down to the creek. Once it opens up it's a lovely meander through stands of ponderosa pines and wild-flower filled meadows. We saw a beaver swimming; the mosquitos are roving in gangs down by the creek. Would be easy to get "lost", but if you just make your way back to the trail nearest Latah Creek, you'll make your way back to the trail head. We parked in the culdesac on E. Meadow Lane rd; got the stink-eye from some homeowners, but we paid them no mind. ;)

Big tree down across trail within first 100 yards or so, would be almost impossible for the not-so-nimble to get over. Trail is pretty narrow along a steep hillside w little to no room to move aside should you need to; had a runner literally plow over my dog because he (runner) wouldn't slow down long enough for us to find a spot to move aside. All that said, it's a lovely trail with lots of wildflowers and beautiful views of peaceful Latah Creek. I'd do it again for the views alone.

This review is for James T Slavin Conservation Area. it is a beautiful 3.5 mile nature walk with close to no elevation change. The trail follows the perimeter of a large pond and is great for viewing birds. in winter and spring the trail can be a little flooded in spots, but is traversable for the avid nature lover.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

It's a nice area. Didn't see anyone the whole time I was there. Lots of oyster shells. The highway was close and detracted from the experience. Also there are lots off private houses by the river and a petroleum line that ruins inn the area which I thought was odd. So overall a nice place but just didn't make me fell like I was back to nature.