Nice trail. Loved coming here when the Chum are reproducing/dying.

As a kid growing up we just called this the beaver pond

Easy hike for kids. Nicely kept trail, with a nice creek towards the end.

4 months ago

One of my favorite places to go with the kids. The pond has ducks, geese and salamanders and the trails have so much to see along the way. Also a great place for photographers.

This is excellent for younger children. The sounds of the birds and the variety creatures seen along the trail makes this really exciting!

Nice trails. We decided to do the pond trail to find the most newts. Luckily for us we seen plenty :)

Such a well maintained easy little walk! Trees, ponds, ducks and a creek. I love this trail and will be back!

Great hike for kids. They are very serious about dogs on leash. Has multiple trail variations. The first entrance has a trail that only last about 15 minutes, however the parking lot a few hundred meters further has much more options (and water lookouts).

9 months ago

A pleasant location to get out and see nature. Easily accessible for all. I encountered young children, elderly, and wheelchair bound explorers on the main trails around the ponds. During the months of November and December follow the signs to watch the Salmon Spawning in the McLane Creek. The weather isn't always the best for hiking at this time of year, but to see the salmon makes it worth the discomfort.

Great for kids and dogs. Not to far from Olympia. Need parking pass.