Fair hike. Took me 45 minutes to reach the top. The best views came from the logging area about 3/4 of the way up.

The views were beautiful, but I would not use any of the rest room facilities.

It's a good moderate hike - not the lush forests of the Olympics, but a nice mostly shaded option for a warm weather trek.
The views from about 3/4 to the vista were lovely of the surrounding lakes and woods.
Cons: The last part of the trail crosses and follows along a logging road and clear cut area which is a little sad to see for forest enthusiasts. Also the trail is shared with motor dirt bikes that can be noisy and a bit sketchy when they come hauling around blind corners. Ran into them mostly in the lowest parts of the hike.

Overall it's a nice short day hike, we started late afternoon and it took maybe 1.5-2 hrs up from the trailhead parking lot to the vista and back.