perfect walk to spectators and those wanting a nice day walk with a cup of coffee. bring your baby or dog.

3 months ago

If you're in the mood for a walk/run in the city, this is a great option. It's enjoyable in all seasons. The only downside is that it's crowded.

Can be busy but I love walking or jogging around this lake. A consistent loop good for tracking your time and measuring improvement. A good place in the midst of a city to bike/skate/walk/jog with a pretty lake view.

5 months ago

6 months ago

trail running
7 months ago

walking.. running.. playing basketball.. volleyball. football.. kayaking.. swimming.. relaxing.. all can be done here.. i usually go here for a run..

Super easy, but fun, good for all levels young & old. A talk and walk type of spot.

Good scenic walk.