Amazing hike! We got there about 8am and were the first people there besides some people that camped overnight. The earlier you get there the less crowded. By the time we got down about 11am the parking lot was full. The hike is definitely a workout it's an incline all the way up so take lots of breaks - we did. Got up in 45 minutes to an hour. The bugs can be an annoyance but we got bug spray from rei Repel 100, worked great. The drive up can be tricky because of potholes but nothing that can't be handled if you drive slow. The views are definitely worth the hike. We will be going again for sure!

Nice hike, only takes 2 or 3 hours and the lake is beautiful. Down side is with the meadows there is a ton of bugs and the trail is very wooded so not a lot of views.

15 days ago

These directions do not pan out. Never found the trailhead

Great hike with an even greater view!!hike is 1.6 miles straight uphill the whole time but it's absolutely doable for anyone as long as you pace yourself. the only downside is they no longer maintain the lookout so it's falling apart and people are obviously vandalizing it. lots of broken glass so watch your step.

I really love this trail and it's great for beginners! It's a nice easy incline and you cannot beat the view once you make it to the top. Highly recommend. The only thing I would mention is when driving up to the trail, beware of many potholes.

I would echo a lot of the points many others have mentioned.

The road up to the trail: plan on a lot of dust and a mile or 2 of potholes. Nothing you cant navigate if you take it easy but just good to know. As far as getting to the parking area, I followed the directions on the WTA website. They were fairly easy to follow so long as you track milage once off the main roads.

The hike: Short but keeps you huffing and puffing. There were maybe 12 others I passed on a beautiful, clear Sunday afternoon. This included a few dogs and a few teenagers. I didn't see any super young kids. I would say it's definitely do able with younger kids though. The last half a mile is very steep and does require a bit of dexterity.

The views: Unlike any other hike Ive been on yet. I had a clear day with unobstructed views of Rainier, St Helens, Adams and Hood. All just by turning 360 degrees.

I cant wait to do this hike again, maybe bring a few newbies with me:)

Wear bug spray and bring it along, you may sweat it off.. flies are terrible part way up and at the very top.. careful on road going up..pretty good sized potholes! Wonderful pay off at the top..gorgeous. (2) geocaches up there, as week

Beautiful hike. And the views as you get close to the top are amazing and only gets better as you reach the outlook. The bugs can be a problem if you do not bring bug spray. And parking may be a problem unless you go early. But with these two comments, this hike is a must do! You love the views of 4 mountains on a clear day.

Great views along entire trail.

Bugs are really bad and the hike isn't too long but challenging. But the top was so worth it, one of my favorite hikes ever.

the trail sucked.... lots of bugs now streams or rivers and was pretty steep. the lookout it's self tho was amazing you can see forever from up there.

1 month ago

This is our all time favorite hike the kids love it and my wife makes sure we plan a trip to this spot once every year!!!

1 month ago

Beautiful views of 4 mountain peaks. Trail is easy to climb. Hiked with a 6 and 10 year old. Steep in some areas with loose dirt and rock. Be prepared for a rough drive up without the proper vehicle. Lots of rocks and large potholes for quite a distance. Will do again. Would say it's a bucket list category hike.