I loved and hated this hike! It’s difficult, but the view is 100% worth it!

An AMAZING hike. The views are incredible. There are a few points before the lookout that are "lead offs" with unbelievable views. The last part is where the elevation gain comes into play, but it's worth it!

2 months ago

It’s an amazing trail. Gorgeous view at the top! We enjoyed it so much! The drive is not bad at all. We made it with our Toyota Matrix without any problem.

Great hike with an excellent pay off. Well worth the drive.

I really liked this hike. Just long enough to get a sweat going and a great reward up at the top. The road in was in great shape. 30mph was pretty comfortable. It was just me, my dog, and a group of 4 when I got to the trailhead on Friday morning around 11. Had lunch and did a little reading at the top and was back down before 2. There were about 7 cars at the bottom by then.

3 months ago

great trail, beautiful walk, bugs not too bad right now.

Great hike. We were lucky, we didn't have to endure the potholes others spoke of as it seems they smoothed out the road. Got there at 8:30 and the parking was almost full. Only saw a couple other groups though. Very steep hike, but so worth it. The views at the top were amazing. We were only able to see 3 of the mountains, but it was almost completely clear, so can't complain. Coming back down we saw many more people on their way up, so going early was a great suggestion by others.

This hike was amazing! It was definitely a work out on the way up but totally worth it. There are great places to stop to catch your breath! The lookout was gorgeous and you can see four different mountains. I would go earlier in the morning because the parking lot was full by 1030 and on our way down there were a ton of people going up. The only complaint I have were the flies! Bring bug spray because those bugs will literally follow you and won't leave you alone! But like I said, the view was 100% worth it!

was a workout getting to the lookout point...but oh so worth It! the view is amazing!! definitely a must do hike for anyone who hasn't yet.

Was the only one on this trail in early August during the time of the fires in British Columbia. Smoke obscured the views but made for a great sunset. Vampire flies were annoying but I had bug spray which helped. The road is rough in places and my low to the ground Hyundai required me to almost come to a halt to keep from bottoming out in the deep potholes. I need a Jeep. I noticed the medium rating for this trail but I was sore for three days afterwards. I assume it is because of the short distance since the trail is very steep for the last half. I must be getting old.

Amazing hike! We got there about 8am and were the first people there besides some people that camped overnight. The earlier you get there the less crowded. By the time we got down about 11am the parking lot was full. The hike is definitely a workout it's an incline all the way up so take lots of breaks - we did. Got up in 45 minutes to an hour. The bugs can be an annoyance but we got bug spray from rei Repel 100, worked great. The drive up can be tricky because of potholes but nothing that can't be handled if you drive slow. The views are definitely worth the hike. We will be going again for sure!

Nice hike, only takes 2 or 3 hours and the lake is beautiful. Down side is with the meadows there is a ton of bugs and the trail is very wooded so not a lot of views.

4 months ago

These directions do not pan out. Never found the trailhead

Great hike with an even greater view!!hike is 1.6 miles straight uphill the whole time but it's absolutely doable for anyone as long as you pace yourself. the only downside is they no longer maintain the lookout so it's falling apart and people are obviously vandalizing it. lots of broken glass so watch your step.

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