it's not a long trail but it steep as there is a lot of elevation gains (at least for this flat lander). it's very shaded and there isn't a lot of scenery on the trail, but oh my goodness the views from the top are AMAZING! Rainier is right there and there are beautiful views of Adams and St. Helen's and surrounding peaks. I recommend this hike if you're up for a steep hike

Steady incline to the top but worth the work for the beautiful view! Doesn't take that long to complete and there's a fire tower on top for shelter if needed. This was my groups' favorite hike in Washington, so much so that we camped at the bottom after the first time hiking it so we could hike up again in the morning. Once you reach the top there are panoramic views that include a front row seat of Rainier and off in the distance, you're capable of seeing Mt. Hood and Mt. St. Helens with the naked eye.

4 days ago

We’ve hiked this trail numerous times! First hike we took our son on as an 12 year old. Steady uphill climb with beautiful 360 degrees views at the top. Historic fire lookout! Love this hike. Fast easy decent, a little hard in the toes and knees.! A bit crowded at the top. Be at the trailhead early for a more peaceful climb.

Not a complicated hike but steadily uphill and worth the view. Weather should be close to perfect for the perfect view. Be sure to download directions to trailhead as cell service is very sporadic.

One of my favorites so far! This hike is good for kids, but not small kids. At least not for me. Dogs are also welcome. If you could do a sunrise or sunset, I highly recommend. There are 2 roads. One is very sketchy and cannot be driven to by car. The other is okay. Make sure you take the path most traveled...

So beautiful but so windy when I went. Recommend going at sunrise. Gorgeous!

Most beautiful views I have ever seen. pretty steep but very worth it

Amazing views, worth the work to get to it. Last section is a bit steep. The drive there once you get of the paved road has some potholes

Such a beautiful trail! The view from the top is amazing and so worth it. The roads to get to the trailhead are rough and are filled with potholes. Beware if you have a low clearance car. We parked a mile from the trailhead to avoid more of the terrible roads.

Great hike. A bit windy up on top.

Great family hike with the dog! Road to get to trail head is worse at the bottom and much better at the top. Trail head was easy to find, we only saw a few other people all day. Lots of climbing at the beginning and end of the trail, rolling terrain in between. Trail in good shape and easy to follow. Top is a rocky bluff with steep cliffs on both sides, but the views are amazing! The description of 4.1 miles seemed accurate to us. Some bugs but not too bad.

The road was snow-free, but very bumpy. Someone in a Toyota Corolla made it to the trail head, however, so with mindful driving it is possible. The trail was overgrown with huckleberries at the start. As the trail info shows, the first mils is a steady climb. We were there just after a rainstorm, so the tree roots on this part of the trail were very slick and there were a few places where you could see someone before had slipped for a step. Be wary of that and it should not be a problem. Snow was gone - almost. There was a section about ten feet with snow. It was navigable with just boots, but I was wishing I had poles for stability. Even though there were clouds, the view was great. Wild flowers were in bloom and provided a great incentive to continue. We saw birds and signs of elk, oh, and a frog, but no other wildlife. I plan to do this hike again and explore some of the other hikes in the area.

This is the perfect moderate trail. there's a decent amount of elevation gain, but nothing too crazy. as soon as you feel like quitting: you get a taste of the view which only pushes you further up. luckily we got to the top before the low clouds blew in which made it impossible to see anything. If it's a perfectly clear day don't miss your chance to hike this trail.

when its cloudy, the top of this trail looks basically like every open world video game ever where the creators just stop making a map and cut it off. super cool. hiked to end of map, earned achievement, turned in quest. reward.. nap

Hiked it yesterday, few small patches of snow still on the trail. Watch for potholes, but it’s not bad as long as you pay attention. Beautiful scenery, simple hike, but it is fairly steep

Hike was great. Some snow but not hard to pass. Giving three stars because of the trash and glass everywhere at the top. Beware if you bringing your dog or children. Taking road 85 to 8440 to the trail head allows you to skip the snow on road coming up the other side.

off road driving
1 month ago

Great trail with easy routes. Took my leveled tundra crew max 4x4 thru with ease

Awesome views at the tower of Mt Rainier! The drive was bumpy, major potholes on the road. Low clearance cars be aware.

Tried to make it up to the trail yesterday. Unfortunately the road still has too much snow cover. I made about 3/4 of a mile from the trail head.

Made my 3rd attempt to complete this hike. You still can only get to the trailhead if you have a 4WD with high clearance. A Jeep Grand Cherokee was stuck in a small patch of snow 0.5mi from the trailhead so I started there with my dog. There are only patches of snow on the road, but in the last mile before the trailhead, on the east side of the ridge, those patches are more frequent and deeper. This will be relevant later.

The first mile or so of the trail is great, a very constant but manageable climb. The trail has not been trafficked much since the snow has only recently cleared. Bugs were not out at all, nor any other wildlife. There was only small patches of snow on flat sections of the trail while traversing the western side of the ridge. Nothing that inhibits movement at all. About.6-.7 miles from from trailhead the trail crosses the ridge and follows the eastern side of the ridge. This is where I ran into problems. There are several large patches of snow on steep sections of the trail. The snow is soft and we were able to cross a few sections, but I had no crampons or poles and it was not worth the risk and the dog was pretty unsure of his footing so we turned back. We made it about 1 mile down the trail itself.

This trail is doable now with equipment, but if you dint have equipment I would wait another 2-3 weeks for the eastern side of the ridges to clear up a little more

This hike is definitely one of my favorites in the summer, but may is definitely way too early. We managed to get to the top but from where we had to park (2 miles away from the trailhead) uphill in the snow plus half of the trail is very muddy and lots of snow on the top. If you do go out in this trail before the end of June I would recommend being well prepared for snow.

attempted 5/24

parked ~ 1.6 miles from trailhead, hiked through the snow pack, just before the summit the trail became impassable.

Went to this place the other day, we had to park about a mile away from the trailhead due to the snow on the road. I’d say about half the trail is snow free but the rest is snow covered and it’s hard to follow the trail because the trail is still buried with snow. we had to give up about a half mile away from the summit cause we didn’t want to get lost. Will try again in late June.

It’s a somewhat short but a challenging and beautiful hike with an incredible view.
Tried to go up May 12, there’s still too much snow to get to the trailhead. We left our car and hiked up FR 8440 for awhile and found two guys in a high clearance truck who got stuck in the snow near the trailhead. Probably wait a few weeks on this one.

2 months ago

I gave this one five stars because I've hiked this twice before and the view is amazing!!!! Last Saturday we took our high-clearance truck up and was only able to get within 2.7 miles of the trailhead due to snow. a couple walking back down the road said they were able to get to the trailhead and there was 3 to 4 foot of snow so they turned around. We will try again next month

Hiked this 2 days ago. The road is washed out about 1/2 mile from the trailhead (coming from Packwood area) but is an easy walk in. The trail itself is beautiful and green for the spring. It has a few steep ups and downs but they are split up by rolling flats.

Amazing view, amazing view, and an amazing view.... the trip is sooo worth it.

Couldn’t make it up to the trailhead without 4 wheel drive and there was quite a bit of snow. Sure it’s beautiful though if you can make it up!

Didn’t make it to the trailhead! Road conditions not suitable!!! Too much snow, better luck next time

off road driving
8 months ago

Not all that difficult. Understand the importance of throttle control and you shouldn’t have any issues. I typically go on the weekends and there is about 15+ rigs every time I go.. so if your in a bind somebody will usually help. Don’t let the people with 40’s and up in rubber scare you.. you don’t really need anything special to have fun in the snow. Just don’t bring your summer tires.. average speed as a group is between 5mph & 15mph although there are dickheads who think racing up/down the trail is fun when in some areas there’s only room for one vehicle

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