Ginkgo Petrified Forest State Park is a 7,470-acre park with year-round camping at Wanapum recreational area. The park features 27,000 feet of freshwater shoreline on the Wanapum Reservoir on the Columbia River. Petrified wood was discovered in the region in the early 1930s, which led to creation of the park as a national historic preserve.

7 months ago

We picked a windy day to visit, but it was a nice hike. I brought all 3 of my children and they did great! There's a few different trail options ranging from 3/4 mile to 3 miles. The actual petrified wood exhibits was fascinating to look at, but somewhat lack-luster. It would have been nice if there were more info available to read about the site, wood, ect... If you're looking for a low-key family hike, this is it! Beautiful peek-a-boo views of the Columbia River! I'd take my kids back again.

Trees are in cages and the trail is otherwise uninteresting. Nice side trip though. Very hot and dry in August.

The trails are well marked and maintained, but there's not a whole lot going on. The stumps that make up the petrified forest are caged, so not very magical. Other than those, it's the same scrubland that covers the rest of the area.

nice break from the road trip

This is hardly a destination, but rather a stop if convenient. It's also not a forest as the name might suggest. It looks more like a central Washington hillside with petrified sections of trees presumably excavated from various places and brought here for our viewing pleasure. If you happen to need to stretch you legs or are a geologist who fancies petrified object and are traveling through, this is the place to stop.

This is a nice quick trip. Its a self guided interpretive trail, several uncovered petrified trees. There is about 1.5 mile of paved trail and several more miles of unpaved trails. Take lots of water it can be brutally hot in the summer.