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1 day ago

Easy hike went early,had Trail to ourselves. Will go again.

absolutely amazing. spend a night if you can. after seeing the beauty went back to car, drove to walupt lake. put on backpack. hiked up nannie ridge trail, night at sheep lake and then back through cispus pass to snow grass. camping in cispus would be amazing but sheep lake was awesome as well. if coming from snowgrass hike to sheep lake for night. then back to snowgrass but follow pct to snow peak. that way you will see it all.

3 days ago

Great loop good chance to see wildlife

Awesome views of Mount St. Helens! I didn’t make it all the way up to Harry’s ridge because it started raining and the clouds covered up Mount St. Helens. I’d love to go back on a clear day and try again. I highly recommend this trail!

Beautiful falls from the base and very nice hike, but the signage is terrible, as is the road to get to the parking lot. We took a turn that we thought would loop around to parking, as described, and ended up turning an easy 6 mile hike into a 12 mile excursion filled with frustration. Download the map ahead of time...lesson learned!

on Lava Canyon Trail

5 days ago

Not for kids or dogs. Watch your footing as it gets very narrow in some spots. It was pouring rain when we went so we had to be extra cautious on the slopes and the ladder.

lots of people but great entry level backpacking

Amazing hike with some awesome camping sites surrounding the lake. Just got back and we had absolutely no problems with mosquitoes or flies. Went up on a Friday and there were only a handful of people at the lake. We will be going back to this gem. Can’t beat the views at the top either.

8 days ago

Little late getting this review in as we spent the night up here over Labor Day before heading to Mt Adams. The trail itself is actually only 2.5 miles. All trails had it at almost 4.3 miles but that was coming from the campground. There is a road (that some mistake as a trail) that takes you up to the trail head. Like others have said, it is a pretty good gain. I took some pics but those don’t always do the gain justice. It was a peaceful hike and for most of it can hear the creek so was soothing. Came across a few day hikers, but only one other couple up camping for the night so pretty quiet in the evening. Fairly new batch of frogs as ran across a few hundred babies still congregating together in groups (like when tadpoles) so that was pretty cool. Lake was gorgeous. There were a handful of established sites for camping. Would have given it 5 stars if not for the ORV trail that interests. Not a fan of the noise and trash that comes along with motorized vehicle use. Although it did appear that someone had been up recently cleaning as there were 2 trash bags full of garbage. Overall it was a great hike and would definitely head up that way again. Hope you enjoy the pics. Oh and as far as the road issues, those are all cleared up so no worries there.

12 days ago

Would’ve been five stars if I wasn’t socked in until the way back from Silver Star. Can only imagine the views on a clear day.

Like other reviews, you’ll need clearance on the Fire Service Road to make it to the trailhead. I entered through Sunset Falls Campground, then left on FS 41. Really straightforward. No cell service, but Google Maps works on GPS alone now, just in case.

Once at the trailhead, the first 2 miles are on an old Jeep Road. When you get to the end of that, there’s a little circle with shells and clay pigeons. Cut down and right onto a single track.

No sustained climbs. Lots of up, flat, down, and back up. Great mix of terrain from trees/berries/bushes to forest to rocks on the side of mountains. I’m sure my favorite would’ve been Silver Star, but since I had no view, it had to be the forest. There’s a spot where you literally can only see 30 yards in any direction because the tree trunks are so densely packed.

I have to second Bradley’s comment about long pants. The trail is fairly overgrown (but still clear and easy to follow) on much of the single track. Also, if you go on a day after rain, wear some waterproof shoes. I was soaked from the waist down from leftover water on the beargrass and other plants. Also, I saw a ton of bear scat in an area filled with blueberries. No bears, though.

Total from Bluff Mountain Trailhead to peak of Silver Star and back is 12.5 miles. Took me 4hrs 40 minutes, but again, I wasn’t stopping much to admire all the peaks and valleys I’m sure we’re out in the clouds somewhere.

Pick a clear day, if you can. I’ll be back on one.

Challenging for this beginner but well worth it. Such a breathtaking view!

13 days ago

Hiked to Lost Lake via Packwood Lake Trail #78 Sunday of Labor Day Weekend for an overnighter. 20 miles RT (counting a 4 mile RT to the Old Lookout above Lost Lake), with 4216ft elevation gain including Old Lookout that took 5hrs to Lost Lake.

As expected, the parking lot was packed and started a second parking row. Arrived and on the trail by 9am. Arrived at the Packwood Lake in 1.5 hrs, had a snack and continued on Packwood Lake Trail #78 UP 4 miles to Lost Lake. This section is step climbing approx. 2500 ft. Mosquito Lake is overgrown by brush and not really suitable to stay, however there is a nice campsite next to it. Afterward there is a nice meadow with the first views of the Goat Rocks. From there the Junction of Coyote Trail #79 is just ½ mile and Lost Lake is another ½ mile after that. I arrived at Lost Lake at 2:15pm.

I made camp, had lunch and left for a 2 mile side trip up to the Old Lookout site above Lost Lake. Left at 3:30 and arrived at 5pm. Beautiful. There is a 360 degree view including Mt. Rainier, Mt. Adams, The Goat Rocks, Old Snowy and the White Pass ski lifts. Spent 30 minutes up there and headed back. Made it back by 6:30pm.

From the Old Lookout, down to Lost Lake and to the Junction of Coyote Trail #79 is part of the detour of the PCT around the Miriam Fire near White Pass.

Lost Lake had a lot of people, and some sites were open. There are at least 6 sites with lake access, maybe more. 2 were open. The water level at Lost Lake was VERY LOW, about 12-15 ft below years past. There are more camp sites available, however they don’t have lake access, but a seasonal stream is nearby. They are about ½ mile past the lake.

Going down the next day was quick and took 3.5 hrs vs 5 hrs going in. Tough hike after Packwood Lake but easy starting and finishing. Lost Lake is beautiful and a peaceful place to camp with no bugs this trip anyway. Well worth the effort!

13 days ago

Very pretty views! Pretty difficult for a beginner or not having the proper shoes. Lots of ups and downs and a couple switch backs. So beautiful and well worth it.

Great hike, fairly easy. Will have to take the trail to get to the top of the falls next time!

There is a stretch of unpacked road with deep potholes, just drive slow and try to avoid them. A Honda Civic and a Prius made it to the trailhead. Dog friendly with trash can and a bathroom at the trailhead.

Whoever said this hike isn’t strenuous and is good for any skill level is trolling you. There is 1200 feet of elevation gain in the first 1.5 miles if you go clockwise from Berry Patch (or a terribly steep descent at the end of your hike if you’re coming from Snowgrass Flat). The ascent is pretty relentless until you reach the ridge, so I wouldn’t recommend it for brand new backpackers or anyone who isn’t in decent shape. Going out and back from Snowgrass Flat to Goat Lake would be an easier hike for those who can’t handle Goat Ridge.

Went Sept 2-3. Parking lot was overflowing but we didn’t encounter throngs of people until we hit Goat Lake (also saw goats!). I counted 20-25 tents around the lake. Other than the view, I don’t understand the appeal of camping there- it’s overcrowded, cold, and totally exposed to the elements. Found a better spot below the tree line. Didn’t encounter many people on the hike back and the parking lot was nearly empty— weekdays are definitely the way to go!

Spectacular hike, perfect weather (it gets cold at night- bring layers), no bugs, and still a few wildflowers in bloom.

7/22/18 - Trail is well groomed, road is good except for a small gravel portion, which was not bad. Expect for people to drive really slow specially if it's a small vehicle or minivan. A bit of advice - Never go on a Sunday, specially if it's a hot day. Lower Lewis was packed cars parked on both sides of the road with more behind us. We decided to skip Lower and went to Middle then went up to Upper, there was no more then 20 people at either. Happy travels!

17 days ago

Been up there twice in the last month. Did the short trail the first time, the long trail the second time.

Worth every step, and the rough forest service road to the trail head.

17 days ago

This is a beautiful loop. Due to Helen's eruption in 1980, you can still see the damage/change done to the area; this makes for an ever-changing hike.

Beautiful Scenery and a great loop hike.

This one is a bit tame for just a day hike. Would have been better to backpack and stay out there for a couple days. It should not be rated moderate, either, but rather easy.

19 days ago

A couple friends and I did this loop and added Old Snowy and Hawkeye Point onto it. Incredible views of Adams, as well as Rainier, Helens, and even Hood in the distance. We did the loop clockwise from berry patch trailhead over two days, camping at goat lake overnight from August 31-September 1. Didn’t see a single mosquito, probably because it was a little cooler, but comfortable hiking weather. The hiking itself is not strenuous and any incline feels very doable for any skill level, nothing technical. We were each carrying packs that were about 35-40 lbs. The views of Adams are just incredible. The whole hike above the tree line is basically worthy of a postcard from any direction you look. Stop to eat huckleberries in the meadows, and enjoy idyllic views of mountain goats grazing on the cliffs and marmots scrambling around in the meadows. I recommend planning a trip during off-peak traffic times so you can get a good camping spot at goat lake to watch the clouds settle in the valley in the evening and wake up to an incredible view of Adams in the morning. I strongly recommend adding Old Snowy onto your loop. It’s an extra 5 miles that felt like 2-3, and despite the elevation gain of about 2000 feet was surprisingly easy (I dropped my pack at the turn off and enjoyed a packless ascent up Old Snowy). It’s worth the effort to enjoy getting above the ridges and seeing numerous others peaks and into other basins and valleys. At a minimum tack on Hawkeye for a similar, view as Old Snowy. I recommend this hike to anyone starting at even the most basic skill and generally healthy fitness level. Oh, and fun to interact with some thru hikers on a little bit of the PCT.

19 days ago

Great 2 night trip. Bugs were not a problem. Lots of other people around but there are plenty of campsites if you dont insist on being at the lake. Roads have a lot of washboard but if you drive a reasonable speed any car can handle them without issue.

19 days ago

First go back and read all the reviews that say the trail is steep. Then read them again. I would like to add that the first section is Steep. But it was a great trail, way off the beaten path. We found ripe blueberries, huckleberries, and thimble berries and were rewarded with a terrific view. The road in can get a bit rough in places and make sure you don't miss the little spur off the main road down to the trailhead for the last 1/2 mile.

Very nice loop trail, all though the Falls Creek Trail #152 is more of a Mt. Bike trail and the rest of the loop is more for hiking. Falls Creek Falls Water Fall is very refreshing and great for pictures and videos. Cool camp grounds and swimming area up at the top.

20 days ago

8.1.18 This hike is so awesome. Plenty of wild berries every where. The exposure gives you awesome views but come early. The view from this ridge and St Helens looks best at sunrise. Still plenty of wildflowers and its cool, i had a long sleeve. I didn't really encounter bugs and it wasn't crowded. Plenty of time for myself. Completed in 7.5 hrs with time to eat and take pics. The ridge is narrow in some areas and gets my adrenaline going. The trail is not well marked but the trail is noticeable if you look. The ridge is fun and the peak at the tip has lots of loose rocks so be very careful if you want to venture out. I did and the photo op is epic. I am definitely coming back

Short but steep. Incredible views at the top and very windy. Rocky at times

21 days ago

We parked at the small campground closest to the sweet waterfall with a beautiful circular rock pool. The trail along the creek is pleasant, shaded , some large Douglas fir trees , and easy to hike . When we came to the trail that heads up the hill , we took it . Enjoyed the incline to another campground with a gorgeous view of Mt Hood . That trail is made for bikers, but we only saw one person . Good workout hiking up to the top, but not a killer .
Amazingly close to White Salmon and easy to access . We plan to go back in the spring .

22 days ago

it was a very nice and beautiful hike. There are lots of potholes but not as bad as some roads we've seen in Washington. The signs were minimal but that's why we have the All trails app and map. The trail was mostly soft and shady. The lower view of the falls was an oh my God moment. the upper falls and views looking down were nice of the valley but you can't see much of the lower falls. A short hike further is the small falls by a camp site.

trail running
23 days ago

I took my dog out on this little hike. No water access! It’s pretty much straight up hill. I tried to trail run it but it was tough so run/walk up hill and ran all the way down. I got ‘up’ in about 35minutes and down in 25min. It’s very exposed on the hill side but beautiful views of the hills. It’s hard to decipher where it ‘ends’. I ran until I hit what looked like another trail start sign which was near someone’s residential/farm property.

This review is partially tinged with PTSD, but feel it necessary. I did this route 08/25-27/2018 and while it started great from the trailhead, when we reached Whittier Ridge fog rolled in and we missed the connection to the Lakes trail at the north terminus. The trail is VERY poorly marked, and instead of staying at Shovel Lake as our group was permitted, we were turned around and spent two days at Snow Lake trying to find the Lakes trail and not finding it; again because we were in the wrong place.

Also, if you have any fear of heights, THIS IS NOT the trail for you. The ridge is VERY difficult and treacherous for an acrophobe like myself. Lastly, if you miss the turn as we did, and countiue on what looks like the trail, at the end as marked on here (before reaching Lakes Trail or Coldwater Lake Trail) you will hit an incredibly dangerous washout with ropes. DO. NOT. CROSS.

Avoid this hike if the weather is anything but clear. On the hike out, as a last ditch to get home, we went back across the ridge in clear skies. The views were insanely beautiful, but without fog the heights were even more of an issue for me.

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