4 hours ago

Agree with Thomas Phillips. Hiked this trail 9/2017 and still remember the horror: steep grades, viewless, waterless, hot, and so seldom traveled there were spider webs across the trail so thick we had to hike while beating them away with sticks for a large majority of the time. On the way down the grade was so steep multiple people in my party fell, and then someone stepped on a hornet's nest & I got stung 6 times. Could have been worth the effort if there was ANY destination. But nothing - not a single area where we could stop and take in the elevation gain. Hikers below who praise the waterfalls have it a bit wrong - the waterfalls are technically on the Siouxon Trail; there are no waterfalls ON Horseshoe Ridge Trail. FYI people in my party are late 20s moderately athletic and most of us are not faint-hearted.