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1 day ago

Overall a great experience! Hiked on 5/11/18. We used hiking poles and micro-spikes. Ice axe was helpful for glissading down. Took ~9 hours total -- ~7 hours up, ~2 hours down. Learn from our mistake and put on sunscreen and re-apply :)

Beautiful hike and pretty easy

19 days ago

Lot tougher then expected, the grades toward the top were rough. Crampons at 1 mile, snowshoes at about 2.5. Sunscreen is a must. Also make sure you wear easy to remove layers. left the lot at 0530 it was in the 20's, in a mile was down to a tee shirt. Was sunny and in the 70's really wished the snow pants I had on had shorts under them for the climb up. Loved them glissading on the way down though.

24 days ago

First time here, very cool experience. Went on the last day of an April heat wave, snow was very soft. Can’t wait to go back again sometime. Make sure you bring snow shoes, crampons, and an ice axe. 98% of everyone out that day had snow shoes and trekking poles. I got away with crampons till I switched to snow shoes the last couple hundred yards, though I’m not sure that was any easier.

25 days ago

A fantastic climb, make sure you bring snowshoes, crampons (or at least micro spikes) and an ice axe. Be careful at the top, there is a cornice at the edge of the summit that is difficult to see at first. Incredible views, next time I’ll brings skis.

29 days ago

First time hiking a real mountain and I’m officially hooked. Went on 4/22/18 and lucked out with a very clear day. Views of Mt. Adams, Mt. Hood, Mt. Jefferson, and Mt. Rainier. Summiting was an awesome experience!!!

2 months ago

The primary winter route. I have done this route seven (7) times this 2017/2018) winter. On a nice day you will have an amazing view. Basic mountaineering gears will be essential for your safety. Have snowshoes and crampons ready as they may be the deciding factor between you making it to the summit rim or turning around. Some day you can just boot it to the summit but other days you will need snowshoes or crampons as you will posthole or slide on ice. Just be prepared and you will have a great time here.

4 months ago

Fairly straightforward and easy approach to Mt St. Helena crater rim.

There are definitely higher elevations to the west of the crater rim if you feel like hiking around.

Conditions will really make or break this hike; I lucked out with near perfect weather.

Beautiful well developed trails, meandering through old growth forest. Easy and level. Restroom (outhouse) , clean and handy.

It is a drive to get there but it was worth it. Hornets nest 1/4 of the way in. I got stung a few times on the way out. Beautiful mountain forest. Rugged trail. The lake is amazing.

This hike started at Trout Lake, Wa, PCT mile 2226, for a 66 mile - 6.5 day hike to White Pass, Wa from 9-3-17 to 9-9-17. Trout Lake temp forecasted for 101. We left early and missed most of the heat and while hot, had cool offshore breeze all day. Elevation gain steady all day. Arrived at camp at 5pm, mile 2238. All set up and done by 7:45. In tent at 7:45pm

Day 2, PCT Mile 2238-2251. up at 5 AM, breakfast pack up by 7:20 AM. Hotter than yesterday and very smokey from Cascade Locks Fire. Had to hike with buff over face to breath better. Crossed wide fast flowing creek. Long gradual decent to lava springs. Lunch. Up to camp after seasonal spring mile 2251. .13.3 miles today. Dinner with neighbors. Bed at 8pm

Day 3, PCT Mile 2251-2262. Up at 6am. Set alarms for 5am then 5:30am and got up at 6am. We needed the extra morning sleep. Breakfast, packed up and got more water for the morning hike. Steep up til lunch and hotter than yesterday. Down til last water for 10 miles and level to camp at Walupt Lake trail jct. Camp at mile 2262. 7:20pm.

Day 4, PCT Mile 2262-2272. Up hill all day and all day and all day through Cispus Pass! Beautiful even with all the smoke from local fires! Refilled with water at Cispus River. Got extra cooking water that another small seasonal stream. Wanted to camp close to Cispus Basin. Had to push on up another mile to a wonderful camp at 2272.1. Had dinner with two Northbounders. Got to bed late by 830.

Day 5, PCT Mile 2272-2279. (NOTE: I forgot to start track until PCT-Old Snowy Jct. Adding another 1043ft to elevation. Total Elevation is 1765ft. Total elevation gain is not known for this section) Northbounders are gone first thing. Took my time. Decided my plan for the day was go to McCall Basin. Up up up all the way to the junction of PCT an old snowy. Talked to northbounder who was now southbounding. She skipped Oregon and South bounded Washington to avoid fires. She was coming to grips that this may be her last leg due to fires. I stayed here for over an hour. Had cell service contacted Friends and Family. Texted other family on The Knife. Got water on the other side. Found camp at mile 2279, half-mile before McCall basin. In tent by 730 because of the cold and the wind. Cooler tonight. I put the fly on tonight. Could rain.

Day 6, PCT Mile 2279-2287. Chilly night but not bad. Up late. Breakfast and coffe, packed up and left at 9:30am. Getting ride for a Saturday pickup. Planning on staying at campsite after Shoe Pass. Trail is downhill to Lutz Lake. Got almost 2 liters of water. Hard to filter. Lake questionable. Saw the kids (a couple we've been leapfrogging all week, dubbed them "The Kids") at Lutz. Down and level till after campsite. Up up up til Hidden Springs jct. took break. The kids arrived about 10 min later. Up til Shoe Lake jct and right to Shoe Lake. Got water and lunch. Up and up til Shoe Lake Pass. The kids arrived about 5 min later. :) Walked over the Pass to campsite CS2287. Passed it since my apps couldn't agree. Came back and the kids had the spot I wanted. I took a more exposed site but really good if it doesn't rain. :) In tent by 5pm. Cool and windy after sun went below ridge behind us. Made coffee and dinner. Let kids borrow my stove. Twice. They had fuel. Contacted all the family. Time now is 8:06pm. Almost time for bed. Cold and blowing all night. Tent caved in from all sides all night. High winds. Kids helped me pack up in the morning...very windy! No breakfast up here. 5 miles till White Pass. No track for this 5 miles (phone battery low). Took my time. Arrived at Trailhead at 10:55...right on time. Wonderful trip and beautiful despite all the smoke. An awesome experience. Next year...I'll shoot for over 100 miles in one hike. :)

very nice trail.
If you try to hike from lower to middle falls you will run into a landslide which stops you from getting to the middle falls by .25 miles. beware.

simply unreal.

11 months ago

Spent the night at the trailhead to get an early start, 4am. It got light by 5am ish. The trail starts in a forest and turns in to a rocky/snowy canyon before the snowfields. We hiked on the rocks until the weather station. We put our crampons on there because the snow was so hard. Please! If you are going, be prepared! Crampons are NECESSARY to feel stable and secure. The second to last slope is so so steep and rough, but I mean they all are

Bring sunscreen! the reflection off the snow will do damage. learn from my mistake.

It's hard. there's a couple of times you think your at the top. don't ask the people that look like they do it in there sleep. they Will give you false hope because your not even close. The elevation will affect your body, be prepared that every step is going to be slower than your normal pace. plus most of the path your following others steps in the snow. The struggle is real, but 90% of everyone is in the same boat laughing and fighting it as well. feed off those good vibes and you will make it!

once you get to the top you will make a mental note to never do it again. *you will change your mind. just wait for the glissade down. we didn't have ice axes but when the snow warms up you won't go as fast. just use your trekking pole and feet to dig in. I would look at the conditions tho. if it's icy I wouldn't risk it without proper tools. don't do it because I said do.
Gear I used- crampons, trekking poles, gloves , gaiters , sunglasses, windbreaker, moleskin (feet), trashbag (get the largest)

wish I would of had- sunscreen , t-shirt

wish I never had- thermals ( to hot that day)

we started at 6am & didn't get down till 7pm. 9 hours up (lots of breaks) 4 hours down.

also I have heard that this trekk will leave you sore. I walked away with no pain besides sunburns. the snow is very soft apparently for joints. I did table mt and walked away destroyed and helens is so much more intense. I also didn't train. eveyone is different so don't quote me.

11 months ago

Definitely advise going late July to mid August, went early June and there was still snow on the ground which made the trail that much harder. It rained the entire time we were there so we didn't stay long but it was a beautiful lake, originally planned on fishing but didn't get to it. Definitely pack light, easy going down but a good work out going up, I'll say my pack was about a good 80 lbs. The road up is really rough, a 4x4 rig would be advised, I had to use my winch on my Wrangler to get through some of the snow but even the clear roads were rough. Overall definitely worth it, will be going there again when it's warmer for sure.

11 months ago

The summer route is still closed; took a day off work to go up this way. Started around 7:00, made it up to the top by 11:30 with about 3:30 of moving time.

The beginning of the trail was very misty; we missed the Chocolate Falls crossing originally because we couldn't see the markers on the other side. The trail is very well-marked for the most part, with large posts and/or footprints from earlier climbers to guide you. You can avoid putting on your crampons or microspikes for the first few miles; the trail takes you up a rocky ridge. I put my microspikes on at the weather station. From there it's a step machine to the summit. Unfortunately, a cloud hung over the crater so we couldn't see anything.

A few tips:
- re-apply sunscreen at the top; otherwise, you'll get burned on the way down
- bring gaiters even if it's warm; otherwise, your feet will get wet on the way down
- don't forget sunglasses and try to cover up as much skin as you can
- bring waterproof pants for glissading. Ice axe optional, but recommended

All in all, a fun day on the mountain!

11 months ago

Great hike don't miss the turn to marble Mountain you will not be disappointed bring a sled or garbage bag best hike ever.

11 months ago

Very challenging! You should at minimum have micro spikes as there is a lot of snow at the lower elevation. Also, as of yesterday worms flows was the only trail open adding additional distance to the climb. You should try and hit the trail at first light to allow for changing weather and slow progression. We didn't hit the summit until 4pm after starting late around 7, weather blew in and made visibility poor at 6000ft. I would also recommend carrying GPS if the weather report doesn't call for clear skies. My partner and I had an awesome time!

Memorial Day. Great day to climb. Perfect weather. Snow hard in morning. Mushy towards 930 am. Started at 3 am. Summit at 10am. Glissaded down almost to tree line. Watch out for rocks in some of the runs. Ideal to have ice axe and micro spikes. We didn't have crampons but also didn't need them. Remember sunscreen and apply often. Please stay away from edge, a couple people got too close. Have the ten essentials. Most of all be safe and have fun.

Trail is well maintained, falls are beautiful and easy to get to. Great hike for the whole family.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

More like 10 miles. Really fun if you go on the right day when the weather is good.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

IMPASSABLE due to remaining winter damage. Its neighbor, Whistle Punk Trail is in same state of disrepair. And FYI, Hemlock road is 8.6 miles north of Route 14 on Wind River Rd, not 5.5 as stated on profile.

on Worm Flows Trail

Monday, March 27, 2017

perfect day. a foot of powder. no wind and empty parking lots at every trailhead. alone on a volcano. amazing.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Did this while hiking from
White pass to chinook pass on the pct. decided to hike into dumbbell to sleep for the night. Couldn't have asked for a better place so quiet and serene.

This was a 27 mile southbound hike of the PCT from White Pass, to the Snowgrass Trailhead in the Goat Rocks. It was 2.5 days and over the Labor Day weekend from 9-3-16 to 9-5-16. I was shuttled to and from both locations which made the point-to-point hike possible.

Day 1: White Pass to Lutz Lake
Day 2: Lutz Lake to Snowgrass Flats
Day 3. Snowgrass Flats to Snowgrass Trailhead #96.

I started hiking at 9:15am and stopped for a snack at Shoe Lake at around 1:30pm. I had 3 camping options, Shoe Lake, Hidden Springs and Tieton Pass. I found camping is restricted at Shoe Lake. I guess I didn’t do my research completely. However, it was too early in the day for that anyway. I tried hiking to Shoe Lake a couple years before but was stopped by snow and was glad to see the trail to Shoe Lake was clear.

I arrived at Hidden Springs, my second camping option shortly after leaving Shoe Lake, too early for camping so I skipped the .3 miles to check it out. Tieton Pass, was touted by hikers heading northbound as being open with camping but I found just the opposite. While being somewhat open, there is kind of a suitable flatter spot that could be used in a pinch if arriving at dusk or later. Since this wasn’t what I expected, I headed further south toward Lutz Lake hoping to find a spot.

I arrived at Lutz Lake, not one of my camping options, knowing from northbound hikers it was already crowded. I got there at 4:30pm to find a group of 4 with 3 tents setup and flat spots for two more tents. They offered me a spot next to them and I took it without hesitation. A section-hiker took the spot next to me. It was interesting and fun to share tent sites with 5 other people. I was fortunate to have this space. Lutz Lake is small and shallow and as near as I can tell a stagnant pool of water. It was hard to tell if it was flowing or not.

I left Lutz Lake at 8:35am the next morning but needed to get water at the lake. I clogged my Sawyer Mini and blew out the provided bladder at the neck trying to filter that water. I was able to get some water before the blowout and saw there were possible water options before The Knife which was my main concern, so I pressed on. There are more tent sites along the PCT after Lutz Lake within a mile of the lake. Good to know for next time

The accent from Lutz Lake to Elk Pass is a beautiful one indeed, especially hiking above timberline. I have never seen that side of the Goat Rock Wilderness and took many pictures. I found a water source halfway to Elk Pass and taped up my bladder well enough to fill my water reservoir. The meadows above that were breathtaking as were the views. You can’t go wrong.

Elk Pass was what I expected. Barren of tall vegetation, slightly windy and beautiful. It was clear there but you could tell the clouds were coming in and I was hoping The Knife would be clear. And it was for the most part. Wisps of clouds (fog really) were coming from west to east over The Knife but things were still visible. Around the 7000 ft. level the clouds came in thick and we were hiking The Knife in clouds (fog), white on both sides with nothing to see. The last 400 ft up to the junction of Old Snowy was one of the steepest sections I’ve hike in a while. Slow going but well worth it. As I was nearing the top and it was leveling out, there was a group of 6 hikers cooking lunch and having a wonderful time. I sat next to them and had a snack myself.

My camping destination was Snowgrass Flats and after lunch made my way in the fog down the PCT. The more I descended, the clearer it became and by the time I got to the junction of the PCT and Snowgrass trail #96, I removed all my warmer layers, took off my pant legs and found a tent site in warm sunny weather.

I woke up the next morning to frost on my tent fly since my tent was in the shade of large trees. The sun was out and I moved the tent and all my gear into the sun to thaw out. The morning was beautiful with warmer clear weather. A stark contrast to yesterday morning. I packed up and left by 10:20am to meet my ride at the trailhead at noon.

The weather for this hike as great, clouds and all. Being Labor Day Weekend, there was most likely more people than normal which made it fun. I have never hiked north of Old Snowy on the PCT and it was more beautiful than I hoped. I will do this hike again in a heartbeat but next time plan for 3-5 days…or more.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Beautiful, well maintained trail. It is an easy hike through a beautiful Forrest. The trail is well marked and pets are allowed.

excellent campground with beautiful trails camp host is never there though to sell fire wood but there is a store with all the campers needs up the road showers gas ice wood ect

Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Had the trail all to myself. Great trail for my dog. Made it to the summit, where there is concrete remains of an old structure. Nice view as we walked back down the trail. Rock outcroppings.

mountain biking
Tuesday, July 26, 2016

This was a great trail to go walking or biking on. The path was about 3 feet wide but more narrow as you get into the old growth part of the trail. Good for all age groups and a fun little day trip outing.

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