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Beautiful hike! but the 4109 "road" to the trail head is really really bad, it's basicly washed out and will be inaccessible soon. Apparently none of the funds from the discovery passes will be used to fix this road to a very popular trailhead.

10 hours ago

Beautiful views!

very nice trail.
If you try to hike from lower to middle falls you will run into a landslide which stops you from getting to the middle falls by .25 miles. beware.

1 day ago

Long but rewarding. Definitely recommend taking the lower trail. When you get to the creek (right after a noticeable increase in incline) the trail can be easy to miss. Hike perpendicular to the creek to continue. Don't try to hike up the rocky creek path like we did at first.

The lake is gorgeous and very peaceful.

1 day ago

Stunning views of both Mt St. Helens and Adams. With hood peaking out toward the top of the hike. Very dusty and exposed. Highly recommend lots of water, sunscreen and body protection, as there is little to no cover from the sun. Highly recommend.

Omg I cannot express my level of disappointment in so few words. Alltrails, you need to UPDATE this trails' stats ASAP.

I chose this trail for me and my dogs because of the distance, the difficulty level AND most of all because it claims to be LIGHT TRAFFIC. I don't know what you consider "light" traffic... but I tried four days in a row, and ALL FOUR days the parking area was over flowing with hiking people, for this one trail. I even asked two groups of people if all of the cars were hikers and they said "YES." And proceeded to tell me that it is a "POPULAR TRAIL."

One of my dogs is situationally reactive. And I was really looking forward to the seclusion that this trail overview seems to suggest. But Im going to be frank... There were cars FULL of people, with KIDS, multiple DOGS, and I was completely overwhelmed by the amount of them.

This description needs to be updated. I ended up taking a different trail, that was actually a motorcycle trail, but there were no other dogs or hikers. That was Wright Meadow Trail No. 8. Its pretty steep straight up, but its good for seclusion, and there is plenty of room to step off for the bikers to pass.

The hike was so beautiful so much to view it would be great to have a picnic at the top, the drive up is not the greatest if you don't have a 4x4 as the holes are big. There was many people shooting and when we were done hiking surprised to find people shooting by the cars. I guess the terrible drive makes for small crowds which is great.

3 days ago

Wow this is really an amazing place. Great easy trail not much elevation. I think there is a bike trail too which looks fun. The lake is outstanding with lots of beach spots around. Blown away this was not more crowded.

Very steep, and the rocks are very unstable throughout parts of the trail. absolute gorgeous views though!

4 days ago