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Worth every step!!

2 days ago

Hiked 5/20/17

2 days ago

Beautiful trail and great camp sites. A lot of bikers, so be careful if you have a dog or small children.

Lots of wildflowers. Peaceful and gorgeous.

What's great hike! The first leg is pretty easy as you follow the river. Cross two bridges and you'll start hearing the waterfall. Holy cow is it impressive!! Way more so in person! As you go back you can actually get to the top of it by taking rd 62. I think it added about a mile total (check my route) but it was well worth it!

3 days ago

A vehicle with 4WD and clearance make a huge difference to get to the TH. The area is gorgeous, but I opted out of hiking yesterday due to the amount of snow still on the trail (feet). It was maybe doable, but the snow was really wet/had tunnels running under it. I had microspikes on but was alone and didn't want to fall through and twist an ankle. Will definitely be back in a month to try again!

More like 10 miles. Really fun if you go on the right day when the weather is good.

4 days ago

4 days ago

We did this hike on Mother's Day and took our 4 month old! FYI, u have to use alternate trailhead right now since the bridge is washed out. Use trail 256 (burley mountain).
When you get to a split in the trail, a marker will say waterfalls 1 mile and if u split down hill that takes u to the other waterfall that u can walk behind.
There was no one else at either fall or on trail when we went which was very nice! We didn't do the hike in a loop we went straight to waterfall then backtracked the way we came back to split in trail then hiked down to other waterfall then went back the way we came in pretty sure u can still do this as a loop even with the washed out area.

This was a nice hike, a bit confusing right now, due to trail damage. Also called Curtain Falls on the map handed out at the center. Also confusing. It was very beautiful and I would go again.

Nice view and cool little cave. Easy short walk. Beautiful forest

Yesterday, 5-13-17, I hiked Packwood Lake for a day hike with lunch at the lake. There is still some snow on the upper trail near the lake about ¼ mile from the decent to the lake. The snow was firm, well-traveled and did not impede travel. It’s about 1.5-2 ft deep with no slipping or postholling.

It was snowing when I made it to the trailhead and I saw a group of 3 heading out an overnighter. They took the lower trail, and I took the upper trail. Once in the forest, the snow turned to rain and after an hour, stopped altogether but still wet and cloudy. As I stopped to remove warmer layers, a family of 5 passed me. After I started, I passed that family and later passed a couple with overnight gear. I was surprised to find so many people camping for the weekend. 5 in all. I made it to the lake in 1.5 hrs and talked to a young couple at the lake for a few minutes before finding a spot for lunch. As you’d expect, all campsites that I could see were available. I found a campsite with a fire ring and a log to sit on. I found a dropped One Serving Packet of Folgers coffee in the dirt/mug by the fire ring. Someone dropped it and I thought it was garbage. But it seemed good and was dry on the inside. I was only going to have a sandwich, but after finding this I got out the stove and had a nice cup of hot coffee. On a cloudy, wet and rainy day it was perfect. Many thanks to the person who dropped it. I appreciate it!

Going to back was just as quick and I took the upper trail. The snow was softer in some places but for the most part, still firm. The sun came out at time’s which was nice. I was surprised to find so many groups of people hiking to the lake without gear. Some didn’t have day packs or water. The largest family I saw was about 10-12 people who were having a good time.

It was a great hike even with the changing weather. The lake is beautiful even on a cloudy day. You can’t go wrong.

10 days ago

Fun trail. Enjoyed the waterfalls, but not the snow so much. The lake was fun to camp by, but I don't understand what is so hard to understand about pack it in, pack it out. We had the lake pretty much to ourselves, so that was also nice. Note: if you have AT&T you will not have cell reception anywhere near the trail so know how to get to the trail and get home ahead of time.