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11 hours ago

Hiked Packwood Lake today. 9 miles RT. 1.5hr each way using the upper trail and started at 11am. This is the earliest in the year I've ever hiked it. The parking lot was empty. 3 Cars counting mine. The weather was excellent, sunny and no snow at trailhead. The temperature was in the high 40's and low 50's. Perfect. I ran into snow about 2 miles from the lake and spotty in the beginning. It was steady snow around 1.5 miles from the lake and oddly enough...the last 1/8 mile was virtually snow free. The snow was about 1-2 feet deep and well tracked. Pretty crunchy so you didn't sink or get too wet. Beautiful though. No snow at the lake but a thin layer of ice over top that made beautiful breaking sounds with the wind. One the best times to go. I had the lake to myself and easy travel even in the snow. It's still early. Not sure the amount of snow after this weekend. Snow or not...a must do.

1 day ago

Steady incline but not hard. Views are fine but would not be my go to in the Gorge

you will need a high clearance vehicle FR 4109 is in bad shape. we went yesterday and didn't reach summit due to 55 mph winds on the ridge. it was very unpleasant. there were patches of snow along the ridge but nothing impassable. I can't speak for snow at summit as we didn't make it but it didn't look bad from the ridge. I've hiked this before and thought it was a pretty cool hike. probably the best approach to silver star.

Short trail to the view point, with a fun adventurous option to hike down to right in front of the falls!

went 01/07. got there 0900, first ones out. road closed- had to walk in to the trail head. well groomed, even with ice and snow. slippery in places. waterfall amazing with the melt. 20 people (multiple groups) on the way in while we were on the way out. dog friendly.

Absolutely beautiful! Went there this weekend. Nice drive from Vancouver. Will go back this spring and explore how to get to the bottom of the falls. Worth the short drive and hike to see the stunning falls.

I loved this small hike. Such a big reward and it was clearly marked, luckily the road wasn’t closed.

Hiked on 01/05/18.

Lots of snow, had to park on the main road and hike to the TH. Trail was untouched with deep snow in some areas, easy to navigate still. snowshoes would be highly recommended!

16 days ago

My wife and I hiked this trail twice this summer and just finished our 3rd time 30 December 2017. Nice trail, beautiful views, old native spirit quest site on top. Totally cool place to visit.

This trail is no longer accessible.

love this trail. But today the 2 mile dirt road had too much ice and snow for me drive in. boohoo. Did Hamilton which was beautiful!

24 days ago

Fairly straightforward and easy approach to Mt St. Helena crater rim.

There are definitely higher elevations to the west of the crater rim if you feel like hiking around.

Conditions will really make or break this hike; I lucked out with near perfect weather.

Beautiful views at the top!!

27 days ago

Couldn’t make it to the TH due to the terrible condition of the road. We bailed halfway to the “parking lot”. Too many potholes, ridges, and ditches for a standard passenger car. You will need AWD and a high clearance vehicle to make it all the way up! There was also snow in the higher elevations. Would try again with a better car in better weather.

This trail was my first time being close to Mt St Helens and I was stunned at how beautiful and up close and personal it was! I did this hike in September. The trail is exposed so bring more water than you expect. A lot of ups and downs! View of Helens are constant, but the final grand view with spirit lake in the foreground is definitely worth the work.

1 month ago

Beautiful fall day hike! Would’ve given this trip 5 stars had we been able to do the full hike, but like others have indicated, the Smith Creek portion had been washed out. What we did hike though was amazing. The trail was rocky, wet and slick on some portions of the cliff side. Take your time! You most certainly DO NOT want to slip! Doing so will either give you a good scare or.....☠️

Absolutely stunning views from the top on a clear day!

Epic waterfall. Not really a hike

Amazing waterfall

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