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I hike this trail twice as a kid with girl scout camp. So beautiful! Time to go again

Stunning falls. beautiful clear blue water. pretty easy hike. We had a perfect winter day, not too busy, but I can see where it would be in the summer. Seriously gorgeous though

4 days ago

Road closed 5 miles from the trailhead due to snow. But I am excited to go back in the Spring.

It's one of my favorite training Runs

This trail was fun, you can stand behind the waterfalls! Well maintained trail, moderate hike. Will come back for sure!

Didn’t make it to the falls, vehicle was not sufficiently equipped for snow. The road leading to the falls is paved and narrow, and currently has a decent layer of ice and snow. Vehicles without snow tires or chains should proceed with extreme caution.

Lovely hike! It splits shortly down the trail k to two trails: dry creek to the right, Trapper to the left. We went down about 3.5 miles before turning back and only ran into one other couple hiking. They said they saw elk, we missed them. The trail runs by the creek/river but wasn’t directly on the creek except for a few spots. Lovely scenery and it was completely walkable this time. However, it’s been a mild winter and there would usually be snow this time of year.

Hiked on 1/11: bathrooms closed (govt shutdown), no fee to park, well-marked trail with steady inclines and declines. A little muddy but no poles needed. Saw a few tiny patches of snow. Beautiful Gorge views, even on a cloudy day- nice creek runs next to trail occasionally and a small waterfall is flowing about 2 miles in. Nice change from heavy forested areas.

Very interesting how the water flows out of the rocks.

Awesome view! On a clear day 3 gorgeous mountains. Pitch dark when we headed back to parking lot, best place to do stargazing! Lots of shooting stars too.

8 days ago

Unique terrain created by the 80's eruption makes this a short and sweet loop hike.

Amazing beauty with old growth and stunning waterfalls.

Beautiful view of the waterfall and Lake. Did this hike a few years back. I would do it again.
For such a short hike it seemed like we were so far away when we got to the lake and falls. We were tempted to keep going on another trail we saw at the lake but since we were on our way back home we decided it wouldn’t be a good idea not knowing how far and how long it would take.

This was a great hike, would do it again on a cooler day, the lack of tree canopy makes it too warm on a hot day.

Great trail. I love this area so much. Road is BAD we parked 2 miles away from the trailhead so we hiked an extra 4 miles. Do NOT take trail to the left on the rock while it’s snowy- we were postholing in about 6-8” of harder packed snow but still fell through. TONS of animal prints everywhere. Very windy. The trail to the right of the rock is your best bet- SO much easier.

Went today January 5th, saw 4-5 other groups the entire time. Absolutely gorgeous waterfalls. The water was very clear/blue. The forest was covered in moss and everything was very green.

The road to the trailhead is pretty bad - lots of potholes - but totally worth it. I hear this trail is very crowded in the summer. I’d highly recommend going in the winter if you want to experience it with less people around.

hiked this on news yrs day.. crossed the bridge we(bchw) built 5 yrs ago ..looks great.. saw the washed out bridges that have come to our attention..not sure when they will get addressed... loved the waterfalls
.a decent work out for us long passed young adults..had some moments on the ice covered rocks, logs and trail footing..but really enjoyed this lowland hike in winter..

14 days ago

Beautiful trail. Short and easy trail.

15 days ago

This was my first snow shoe hike, we had really bad luck with rain and low visibility. But it was still a really good hike, my only complaint is the noise from the snowmobiles we had to deal with.

Toilet is closed due to govt shutdown.

Good New Year’s Eve hike, snow was very picturesque!

Went on a cold rainy December day. Thank goodness for rain gear. It was amazingly beautiful!! The waterfalls were raging

on June Lake Trail

18 days ago

Great winter hike. Easy out and back completed in snow boots. Bring snowshoes if you have them.

Great place to go for a short walk. Lots of birds and other small animals to be seen.

scenic driving
19 days ago

Very beautiful.

We drove around where it was supposed to be, but did not see any signs :-( ended up hiking a small portion of the PCT instead. Clearer signage would definitely be helpful.

trail running
27 days ago

It's true that you're close to the highway, but if you elect to start at Fisher Hill to avoid Highway 142, you'll miss a beautiful spot of the canyon just south of the bridges. As a trail runner, I'm always leery about rails to trails, having done a few Deschutes River runs where the rocky bed from laying down rails is full of possible ankle twisting rocks. But this trail was smoother and I enjoyed the silence the canyon provided. If you want to get away from it all, this is not the trail for you. If you want an easy hike or bike or run with the beauty of the river and golden hills with ancient lava canyons, this is the one for you.

Gorgeous falls with very little effort to see from the viewing deck. Google maps directions were accurate to the trail/parking. It was nice the road was paved the whole way. There's spray painted words and arrows on the road pointing to the trail. Also be sure to look up when on the road, as there's a small sign nailed to a tree above the trail with "Trail no. 137" on it.

This was a really nice hike with incline. The waterfalls are gorgeous

The falls were gorgeous and the hike along the water was relaxing. Not technical, pretty easy

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