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This hike started at Trout Lake, Wa, PCT mile 2226, for a 66 mile - 6.5 day hike to White Pass, Wa from 9-3-17 to 9-9-17. Trout Lake temp foretasted for 101. We left early and missed most of the heat and while hot, had cool offshore breeze all day. Elevation gain steady all day. Arrived at camp at 5pm, mile 2238. All set up and done by 7:45. In tent at 7:45pm

Day 2, PCT Mile 2238-2251. up at 5 AM, breakfast pack up by 7:20 AM. Hotter than yesterday and very smokey from Cascade Locks Fire. Had to hike with buff over face to breath better. Crossed wide fast flowing creek. Long gradual decent to lava springs. Lunch. Up to camp after seasonal spring mile 2251. .13.3 miles today. Dinner with neighbors. Bed at 8pm

Day 3, PCT Mile 2251-2262. Up at 6am. Set alarms for 5am then 5:30am and got up at 6am. We needed the extra morning sleep. Breakfast, packed up and got more water for the morning hike. Steep up til lunch and hotter than yesterday. Down til last water for 10 miles and level to camp at Walupt Lake trail jct. Camp at mile 2262. 7:20pm.

Day 4, PCT Mile 2262-2272. Up hill all day and all day and all day through Cispus Pass! Beautiful even with all the smoke from local fires! Refilled with water at Cispus River. Got extra cooking water that another small seasonal stream. Wanted to camp close to Cispus Basin. Had to push on up another mile to a wonderful camp at 2272.1. Had dinner with two Northbounders. Got to bed late by 830.

Day 5, PCT Mile 2272-2279. (NOTE: I forgot to start track until PCT-Old Snowy Jct. Adding another 1043ft to elevation. Total Elevation is 1765ft. Total elevation gain is not known for this section) Northbounders are gone first thing. Took my time. Decided my plan for the day was go to McCall Basin. Up up up all the way to the junction of PCT an old snowy. Talked to northbounder who was now southbounding. She skipped Oregon and South bounded Washington to avoid fires. She was coming to grips that this may be her last leg due to fires. I stayed here for over an hour. Had cell service contacted Friends and Family. Texted other family on Knife Edge. Got water on the other side. Found camp at mile 2279, half-mile before McCall basin. In tent by 730 because of the cold and the wind. Cooler tonight. I put the fly on tonight. Could rain.

Day 6, PCT Mile 2279-2287. Chilly night but not bad. Up late. Breakfast and coffe, packed up and left at 9:30am. Getting ride for a Saturday pickup. Planning on staying at campsite after Shoe Pass. Trail is downhill to Lutz Lake. Got almost 2 liters of water. Hard to filter. Lake questionable. Saw the kids (a couple we've been leapfrogging all week, dubbed them "The Kids") at Lutz. Down and level till after campsite. Up up up til Hidden Springs jct. took break. The kids arrived about 10 min later. Up til Shoe Lake jct and right to Shoe Lake. Got water and lunch. Up and up til Shoe Lake Pass. The kids arrived about 5 min later. :) Walked over the Pass to campsite CS2287. Passed it since my apps couldn't agree. Came back and the kids had the spot I wanted. I took a more exposed site but really good if it doesn't rain. :) In tent by 5pm. Cool and windy after sun went below ridge behind us. Made coffee and dinner. Let kids borrow my stove. Twice. They had fuel. Contacted all the family. Time now is 8:06pm. Almost time for bed. Cold and blowing all night. Tent caved in from all sides all night. High winds. Kids helped me pack up in the morning...very windy! No breakfast up here. 5 miles till White Pass. No track for this 5 miles (phone battery low). Took my time. Arrived at Trailhead at 10:55...right on time. Wonderful trip and beautiful despite all the smoke. An awesome experience. Next year...I'll shoot for over 100 miles in one hike. :)

Hiked this on 09/17/17 in the rains that were the beginning of the end of this summer's long-hot fire season. We did not go for the view on this day. Went specially to thank the wind spirits for the coming rain and we were enveloped in smoke, fog and wind just before reaching the summit and almost the entire descent. This is a sacred mountain and deserves respect and mindfulness of place when one comes here. Aho.

great place to hike went there while it was raining and had no problems going up or down..and with my 5 year old! :)

great short stroll. beautiful waterfall. didnt trust rope provided to go to bottom of the falls. will be back with my own climbing rope.

Hiked this on 09/13/17. Did it in the direction on the map.
You will clearly see the sign for the beginning of the Horseshoe ridge section and the Siouxon trail junction. I say this as there are several trails off to the right starting about 1/4 of a mile before the junction that lead you to believe you should take those. After the junction, you will ascend immediately and it is pretty challenging. If you are looking for views, this is not really the hike for you since there are only 2 clearings along the ridge line. There are accurate posted photos for these here. There are many rock outcrops in the forest along the ridge which are neat. The descent was a little steep in some areas, but the trail is very well defined the whole way. Once you get back to the Siouxon trail part of the loop you can easily cruise back to the trailhead stopping along the way to view many of the falls along this section. Enjoy!

Hiked yesterday. It was beautiful. I wish I had brought my bathing suit to jump into Walput lake after.

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Spectacular trail and views! I started at 5 am and took Ed's trail coming in and WOW. Every ridge and small switchback something stunning was waiting. Ed's trail was fun! Slightly technical with some climbing and tight spaces but it was a welcomed change to the norm of just walk-in walk-out. Any SUV could make it. May pop a tire if they're factory/road tires. I wouldn't go without all terrains on. Divets seem intimidating but just slowly cruise over them from an angle and you'll be okay. Slow is key!

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