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We camped at Lower Falls over the weekend. The swim/beach area at lower falls was closed due to the fast currents. The bridge bringing you to middle Falls is closed right now as well so we had to start our hike at middle falls. All of the falls were an amazing sight. The traffic was light on the trails and there was plenty of awesome photo ops. Highly recommend for all. We even saw a stroller up at the upper falls.

Absolutely amazing water fall. My favorite so far in the PNW. Very busy trail

The pictures don't do this beautiful hike Justice. The falls are incredible.

1 day ago

Perfect choice for our first overnight trip. Absolutely beautiful and our Aussie loved cooling off in the creek along the trail. It was fairly busy but being a holiday weekend it was expected. Great hike!!

First, you definitely need a vehicle with clearance and all wheel drive to get to the trail head. There are some pretty tricky spots on the access road once you are about 2.5 miles in. It's very rocky so make sure you take it a safe speed for your tires. This is one of my favorite hikes because of how exposed it is. Ed's trail offers a more scenic route with a view of the mountains. It is a little bit more of a scramble in some places but gorgeous. As of yesterday, part of the trail was still not traversable due to snow. You can make it just past the rock arch and then double back to rejoin with the main trail and finish the loop.

Great hike! Gray views of the volcano and Mt Rainier! Started on Boundary trail from parking lot of Johnston Ridge Observatory. Intermittent sections of snow on the Boundary trail and quite a bit of snow on the last mile to Harry's ridge but easy to hike with proper boots and trekking poles.

First off, you NEED a vehicle with clearance to complete the drive to the trailhead. You can get to within a couple of miles of the trail with a smaller car, but it is imperative that you have something that can take a bit of a rough ride to the top. You also need a Discover Pass.

Silver Star Trail is about 4 and a half miles roundtrip. The trail starts off with a pretty steep climb and doesn't offer much reprieve until the end (though there's a few flat places to rest along the way). The terrain was mostly loose rock, and because we went in May, quite a bit of snow close to the top. Be careful with the snow and take your time during this part.

The view from the top is wonderful, and it's absolutely worth the trek. Be careful on the way down with the snow and the loose rocks that follow immediately after.

Trail is well maintained, falls are beautiful and easy to get to. Great hike for the whole family.

Went up Memorial Day weekend. The weather was perfect and there wasn't too many people on the trail. Most of the trail is shaded and this keeps the hike at a moderate temperature.

As far as the trail being "kid friendly", I'm not sure I would take younger children up as some of the parts of the trail are narrow and unprotected.

Other than that, excellent bang for your buck in regards to time, distance, and end result.

Amazing waterfall. One of the best I've seen anywhere. Wish the trail were longer. :) It's not a hard hike. Couple steeper inclines. Road is full of deep potholes leading to the trail. 2 miles worth. Take it slow.

1 day ago

Great hike but lots of side trails so it can get a little confusing. We brought our 4 year old and she did great even though we got lost a little because we didn't pay attention to the wood markings but we got to Covel creek falls eventually but decided to turn around....great hike and would def do it again. Two bridges were washed out but we went over it (little logs you could stand on but a bit wobbly).