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25 days ago

Wear long sleeve pants/shirt during the Summer. trail was marked but thick with heavy mosquito population. Come prepared with bug spray.

3 months ago

My boyfriend and I took our dog and new backbacks out for a test run. The trails are marked but make sure you know what trail you're on-there are several trails you can take. We ended up far away from the lake and in the swamps. Will use our GPS next time.

11 months ago

This trail is good if you want to experience a desert-like hike. There are plenty wild flowers and some wild life. We actually saw a deer on our hike. There is a trail you can follow where you pass through occasional stands of Ponderosa pines and past seasonal wetlands.

Begin the hike by walking through the trailhead gate, being sure to latch it closed behind as this is range land. The trail consists of old farm roads marked with carsonite trail markers.

Also, if you decide to go in the summer, make sure to wear sunscreen and/or hat as the majority of the hike is out in the open with minimal shade.

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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Fishtrap Lake and the surrounding area is part of the channeled scablands formed by the great Missoula floods some 10,000 years ago. The lake is three miles long ,lies tucked into a narrow basalt canyon.There is no formal trail system,but plenty of old Jeep roads make good footpaths to wander around the mazes of small canyons and odd-shaped basalt cliffs.There are a lot of ticks in this country along with rattlesnakes so please be careful.