we had a great time and good trail for kids beautiful.trail full of driftwood and greenery will be going back again

3 days ago

Brought my husband to this trail to show him where I liked to go as a kid. I knew to expect tons of foot traffic (and there was), and I knew the trail would be renovated, but what disappointed me was the fact you are herded onto an enclosed boardwalk and can no longer access the rocks at the base of the falls. It's no longer a relaxing place to visit.

Hiked on 5/13 in the AM. As other's have pointed out, this is an incredibly easy hike. In fact, calling it a "hike" at all is a little bit of an overstatement. Almost anyone should be able to do this hike - it's therefore great for families, tourists visiting town, etc. No need to bring hiking boots/shoes!

The waterfall itself is beautiful and there are many great viewpoints just minutes from the parking lot. The trail itself is well maintained and very easy. It'll take just 15-20 minutes to hike down and another 20-30 to return to the parking lot. If you plan to visit, I'd recommend making reservations for lunch/dinner at a nearby restaurant and/or checking out some other nearby attractions.

beautiful walk to the bottom & back. Preferred the sections that weren't as heavily landscaped by the power company, but nicely maintained trail all the way. Did have lots of people, but wasn't overly crowded the day we went. Easy to get right next to the river & the boardwalk provided nice views of the bottom of the falls.

Easy walk to see the beautiful waterfall.

the owls are not what they seem

21 days ago

22 days ago

This is an incredible, super easy trail for anyone. Check out or video of our short trip here: https://youtu.be/xMkRO25U7DA