Amazing sight, I went around 7 and pretty much had the park to myself.

The falls were beautiful!! Wasn’t able to hike the trail. Rainey day with a 3 year old in tow.

The main Trail was closed down but the views from the main area was great! Wish the Trail was open though.

3 months ago

If you can only go on the weekends but you don’t want the heavy foot traffic, go early, and go when it snows! We took the short trail to the lower boardwalk today in the rain/slush, and the lower section was pretty secluded. Also worth checking out: the river access (just read and obey the posted signs). The trail features lots of nature and historic information on posts—pretty interesting! The falls are beautiful, but I gave it three stars because of the commercialized feel.

Closer to moderate, IMO - the way back up is all incline, some parts can be a bit slippery when wet. Can be very crowded but still really breathtaking. It wasn't too bad on the weekdays, was a madhouse when we went on a weekend (Niagara falls level of busy)

3 months ago

Great but very overcrowded, for good reason though.

Main reason for not liking this hike to much is because it’s overly crowded by tourists. During summer, parking is difficult to find. There is not much shade provided by trees. Can catch good views of the waterfall from overlooks. Dog-friendly.

Short and nice hike. Kids friendly too.

4 months ago

Very beautiful and easy hike.

I like rough, secluded trails. this one is commerialized.

This was a great outing, amazing views, it was so close to the road that so many people were there, it was hard to get a good spot to take pics. You couldn't admire the view of the falls due to so many tourists. The hike down to the bottom was beautiful, the river was beautiful, we crossed over the rocks and just enjoyed the peaceful view. We got there at around 10am, by the time we left it was even more crowded.

Beautiful view, I must admit this a big attraction meaning there's a large amount of people viewing the beautiful snoqualmie fall..

I was lucky enough to squeeze in and snap a photo!

6 months ago

First hike in too long and this will be hard to beat. Falls running low but still beautiful and it allowed us to play in the river.

Nice easy hike.

Beautiful waterfalls.

6 months ago

Gorgeous huge thundering waterfall. Trail is more of a heavily populated path and boardwalk than a trail , but very pretty dense forest. Wish we could get closer to Falls. Way to many people , so didn't feel like hiking. But definitely a must see due to the beautiful falls. Took Michael and 1 1/2 hours, which included time to play in the stream and hang out at the view point.

Always a pleasure, but HATE the crowds! Def a must see at least once though! :)

Wonderful views from the top and the bottom of the trail. Cleary too popular though, parking was a nightmare! The trail is pretty steep on the way back up - on a hot day make sure you take plenty of water as whilst it is short, it seems a lot longer when it's in the 80's

Get there early Otherwise gets really crowded. Pretty easy hike.

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