4 months ago

Unfortunately, I missed the sign at the interpretive center that read, "Trails on the north side of the highway are open with obstructions".

I planned to cross the highway after parking, then take the north trail west until it met the highway again, cross, then hike the trails on the southern (river) side.

The first clue maybe this wasn't a great idea was the overgrown TRAIL sign - anyway, I turned west and started my odyssey. The good news is the rangers have blazed the trail, look for the orange and red streamers in the trees, the bad news is that without the blaze the northern trail disappears in many places. It is very overgrown with combinations of young blackberries, and just about every other plant and weed that leaves you covered in burrs and sticky seeds. There are a lot of tree falls, again thanks to the rangers and whoever else did trail maintenance as a lot of the logs were sawed through to make the trail passable.

On the south side, at least one major trail is closed but everything else appeared open and in great condition. Lots of views of the white river and some old growth.

This is a good place to hike - just stick to the south side of the highway :)