Beautiful trees to look at, crisp air and a well maintained trail.

Please add paved as a tag and in the description. Goes through some suburban backyards.

Caught the trail in Snoqualmie Ridge behind Tanner Jeans Field/Azalea Park. About halfway down the trail you can continue down the hill to catch the Preston Snoqualmie trail, or stay on the main trail which takes you to eagle lake in Snoqualmie Ridge. We took the trail to catch the Preston-Snoqualmie Trail to see Snoqualmie Falls. Unfortunately there is NO VIEW of the falls. I did this hike 4 years ago and saw the falls (and a black bear!)The trees have grown too tall and too leafy to see the falls. There is a Porta-Potty at the end of the Trail by the "viewpoint". Still it was a pretty 4 mile round trip hike.