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over grown
2 months ago

See my review on the other trail as it's all applicable. I just wanted to add here that there is a way to make this hike a much smaller loop. The trail map shows that it swings out to the east and then back to the west where it parallels Stoner road. After you swing west, but before you are back lined up with the horse camp to the south, you'll at some point see the only actual offshot from the trail you're currently on, and that connects you with Upper Elkspur, although it's not marked until several feet down. Keep left and you'll end up back at the camp, having walked for perhaps an hour total. It's easy to accidentally pop out in a different place than you went in, but the camp is small and you'll find your way back to your car quickly.

There are many places to access the trails through the horse camp, most of them through the backs of campsites. If you poke around you'll find one. It's a horse trail but still ok to walk along. Not a lot to see, unless you simply enjoy walking through the woods. Fortunately I'm into that. And even though the camp was packed with people, I didn't see a single other person the entire 3 hours I was out there exploring My only real issue with this area is that there is a shooting range really close by, which interferes with the serenity I seek in hiking. There are many trails and they are not well marked, but I had cell service and could follow my progress on the map. I only went a few miles, so I'm not sure if that is true later along the route. It's extremely muddy, but for the most part it's dry and easy to pass. Only had to get across wet mud a handful of times. There is one giant, borderline-unpassable muddy spot, but if you double back about 20 feet, there is a path on the right that goes around it.

didn't do the whole trail. has a decent variety of flora. seems like a good exercise trail.

horseback riding
4 months ago

I had to give it a star rating to leave a review, but this is just to say the whole place is shut down. Very disappointing that we drove an hour to get there to find that out. It's our fault, I guess.

Nice trail. A bit slushy at this point. Frost at the top. Great workout with some weight in the pack. Will need some spring cleaning.

Sunday, September 09, 2018

This was a fun training run. The ascent is gradual so most of it can be run. I encountered a bear on the trail but he took off pretty fast. The trail starts/ends at a horse camp. There were a ton of horses on the trail. Not very scenic unless you like running in old forest. There are several intersections so to make it easy for you the trail runs lower and upper Elkspur.

this a horse trail

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Nice hike with the dog! On a Sunday only saw 2 other people the whole time. A bit muddy in parts but not bad. Nice mix of scenery and terrain.

off road driving
Sunday, October 22, 2017

fun took my 4runner

horseback riding
23 days ago