Industrial area with a sidewalk to a jetty beach. Nothing special.

It was awesome. I remember it was so dark in the rain forest at night you couldn't see your hand right in front of your eyes.

Easy walk with great ocean views. A popular jogging and biking trail.

No birds when we went, but lots of interesting driftwood and rocks to examine. We just drove up to the reserve boundary, parked on the side of the road, and walked from there. Not really a hike, but an enjoyable stroll.

As others said, the last part is the interesting one. I'd drive the first two miles and then start the walk

The end of the trail and beginning are worth the hike

We took the advice from a reviewer and walked East. It's a nice wide road/trail for walking, biking, etc.

This is very not head west from Port Angeles on this trail. We did, because we wanted to go out on the water, however....did not realize we would basically be walking along the busiest road in town for an hour. We had our two dogs and they were terrified with all the traffic whooshing by and I didn't appreciate breathing exhaust fumes. Not relaxing at all. I don't know if it's because of construction and so this was possibly temporary. We headed back after a half hour and got the dogs some water (it was hot - no shade - no breeze from the ocean). There was one cute little bridge on that side, good for pics. We ended up heading east after that and we were so glad we did! Absoltely gorgeous, tons of shade and if you go far enough you can explore lots of little beaches. We saw a seal swimming by, and a deer with her two babies hopped right by us. I highly recommend THIS PART of the trail, if you come to Port Angeles!

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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

love this. I do this trail at leadt once a week.

Lost interest in this hike because of the road traffic

This was a nice easy walk around the waterfront and out to the coast guard station and back. Traffic was not an issue. Lots of wildlife in the area even though it is close to downtown. This trail makes for an easy warm-up for the nearby Olympic National Parks trails.

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Monday, November 30, 2015

What is being called the ODT: Port Angeles Waterfront trail is a 9 mile section of the Olympic Discovery Trail between Deer Park Scenic Gateway Center, Harbor View Park, and a scenic side trip along Ediz Hook.

Mud slides, high winds, and cold temperatures are common on this route so dress accordingly. There are many places to explore marine life and watch birds as well as sitting for a sunrise and sunset. The guide to this trail can be found in the book - Falcon Guides: Best Rail Trails Pacific Northwest.

After a day at Hurricane Ridge it was this trail 22 years ago that my wife and I began our relationship. It's a memorable trail for us.

Nice trail, pretty flat, few hikers/walkers/bikers. Beautiful scenery

This is a great park and the hike to the lighthouse is enjoyable. That said, it seems like many people get out on this spit of land without proper gear. Be ready for significant changes in the prevailing winds in the afternoon. Protective clothing for wind and Sun exposure are pretty important for the strip. I would specifically not recommend this trip for small children. Several boys in a Cub Scout Group that we were a part of ended up calling this trip "the death hike".

Great hike. Watch the tides and weather as others have noted. The classic lighthouse is well worth the trip.

Port Angeles has a nice trail along the waterfront that connects with the discovery trail right in front of the Red Lion hotel. I only walked two miles toward Sequim before holding down a log on a beach with my seat and then returning. Walking with my dog meant keeping a eye out for fast bikers, but enjoyed the water views and coastal environment.