Beautiful scenic trail through the woods and heart pumping elevation climb. Some of the down hill paths are very muddy this time of year. Personally, I fell twice and left the trail coated in mud but still enjoyed the walk.

Cute spot with many hidden trails

I do this trail quite frequently as I live behind Seahurst Park. It's easy to get lost up in the trails, so it helps to have a tracking device that shows where you are and the trail layout. It is a challenging moderate hike on the way up what locals call the "goat trail"-- I submitted my map picture to show you, I did a loop including the goat trail and service road. The entrance to the goat trail is unmarked and directly in between the playground and the Environmental Science Center) Stay right on this trail and it gets very steep.

If you want an easier hike, use the service road (north side of beach) behind the Marine Center. It has switchbacks. The goat trail has no switchbacks and 500' ascent. This hike is like being in Jurassic Park, with all the towering maples, sequoias and western hemlocks. It's not buggy, no poison ivy, nice shade throughout the hike, there are wood planks to help you over some of the muckier areas if it's rained, it's very lightly traveled, no snakes or bears or anything like that. Dogs are allowed. And, if they are open- you can end your hike eating a nutty buddy on the beach at the ice cream shop! Woo hoo!

Signage is poor, and it could be maintained better. That's the only drawback I've seen on this awesome hike! It's short- might take you 45 minutes to do the whole thing. Tie your visit in with low tide of you really want an experience! There's all sorts of creatures in the rocks at low tide!

Need to explore more. Parking is not the best but there is plenty of it just a walk to and from. The beach/view is gorgeous.

Nice short trail along the ocean park closed late at 9pm

easy hike beautiful scenery!

11 months ago

Great beach walk.

Monday, June 27, 2016

6/26/2016 (Sunday) - After walking a loop of 4.5 miles on flat paths in North SeaTac Park, we came here for another hour of hiking. We were first attracted by the beach's view on a cloudless sunny day. Then, we moved up into the forest, looped around a deep ravine with almost no other user. Most visitors only have fun on the beach and rarely try this trail, but those who try it for the first time on a fine day would never be disappointed.

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