Dosewallips State Park is a 425-acre, year-round camping park with 5,500 feet of saltwater shoreline on Hood Canal and 5,400 feet of freshwater shoreline on either side of the Dosewallips River. The park is unique in that it offers both freshwater and saltwater activities. All camp areas are grassy and located in scenic, rustic settings.

Just talked to Olympic National Forest, Hood Canal Ranger District, Quilcene Office and confirmed that trail is still closed.

A nice trail with some good uphill and technical terrain. Combined with Maple Valley Trail and Rhody Shortcut you can create a nice challenging run.

It’s beautiful, a short walk really but a lot to admire!

I was here on 2 Sep. The hike is closed to the public due to logging activity. I don’t want to rank it high or low.

We didnt make that because you need a pass to the state park or Fee is 10$.

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1 month ago

Beautiful easy hike with young kids

Great hike! We will be back in the spring when the falls and creeks aren't dry but it was beautiful.

Took a trip with my daughter and her friends and it was a great place to go swim and see a beautiful waterfall! Will go again!

2 months ago

fast and easy so cool

Not really a hike, a quick .2-.3 miles. Can get crowded but there’s a lot of room. Falls are great.

2 months ago

I think we lucked out and had the entire place to ourselves. What a gorgeous falls. The walk is short, albeit very pretty. We took our time and enjoyed the serenity. Only saw two other people coming in as we were leaving.

2 months ago

Nice falls a short walk off the road. Parking is there in the form of pull off spots with no signs marking area. Constant stream of people even on a Wednesday early afternoon.

My wife and I took our kids (2 & 3) out for this hike. Relatively easy hike. Everything was dried up except Dosewallips River so it was not incredibly rewarding. There was a tree across the Maple Valley Trail but the rangers had already headed out to take care of it. We will be back in the winter but not high on our priorities.

My 3 year old fell off the bridge because he tripped over the middle railing in disrepair and landed on the rocks below so be careful with your little ones!!

3 months ago

A very short trail, and very busy. The waterfall is beautiful for such a short hike, but getting a photo without people in it. However if you are in the area it's worth the short hike in and out.

really busy, even on a weekday. there were kids climbing all over the rocks and swimming, which is great if you'd like a kid putting hike, not so much of you're looking to photograph nature and enjoy some tranquility.

3 months ago

This was super easy, but very beautiful! My kids enjoyed climbing on the rocks and I got some great pictures.

3 months ago

Awesome spot to take beautiful pictures, the waterfall is so gorgeous. And it’s a very fun place to take all 4 of my kiddos too (ages 8-2)! Nice and easy hike/walk with a lot of cool bouldering for the lava monster games! ;) Haha

This is a great day hike. The falls were basically dried up.

Visiting this place only once doesn't do this falls justice. The flow changes each time I've been there. It has character. For beautiful pictures of this place, go to a local photographer's facebook page - Klaass Images.

This place is well worth the drive to it!!!!

5 months ago


Loved this Trail. We did not run into another person, my husband and I had it all to ourselves. Beautiful path, easy to navigate.

Beautiful trail!!!

Short but beautiful. We did a big hike earlier in the day so arrived tired in the afternoon and it was perfect. A little crowded but super beautiful. Had our kiddos and they enjoyed it, especially our 4 year old. Thumbs up!

It was a beautiful trail. Would love to go back in a few months to see all the wild rhododendrons in bloom.

Easy quick hike well worth the trip and easy to head to another hike after did steam donkey after this.

Beautiful hike would recommend bringing a map some of the trails are not naked very well did the maple valley loop too. The waterfalls were wonderful to see and the trail was well maintained even for winter.

A nice walk through the forest with a number of small water falls and creeks along the trail. There are some elevation gains at the beginning but it smooths out afterward. A quick a and a half hike.

Beautiful, short hike and close to Steam Donkey Loop which are both easily doable in a day.

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