Dosewallips State Park is a 425-acre, year-round camping park with 5,500 feet of saltwater shoreline on Hood Canal and 5,400 feet of freshwater shoreline on either side of the Dosewallips River. The park is unique in that it offers both freshwater and saltwater activities. All camp areas are grassy and located in scenic, rustic settings.

Easiest trail I ever been on but the view is out this world.

Awesome waterfall very easy hike!

Easy trail, beautiful falls, wonderful swim!

Nice hike. We went through the Maplevalley, which has very nice views, steep grades. End of July and all streams/waterfalls are dried up.

great trail for horseback riding.

So green and beautiful! A challenge, but not too strenuous of a hike. Several bridges and board walks along the way. Some of the water had stopped flowing because of the time of year we went, but most of the big water flows were still going strong.

so green it was like an emerald city. no waterfall, came across phantom creek. perfectly maintained trail, we were in and out with a ten month old in two hours for the 2.5 loop.

-Decent parking.
-Clean bathrooms with running water.
-You need a discovery pass which is $30/year or $10 for a day pass.
-Lots of camp sites/people at this park but only ran into 2 couples on the trail.

1 month ago

Stunning waterfall. very easy hike.

1 month ago

The gate to the trailhead was closed so plan on adding an additional 2.5 miles each way to your hike, up a logging road.
When you get to the trailhead, there will be an old run-down sign. Look to the right of the sign to see the trail. From there it should be about 7.2 miles to the top. The trail is fairly easy and forgiving until you get to the last 2-2.5 miles where you'll do the majority of your climb. Great views of Mount Jupiter, Two Brother, and Mount Rainier. Lots of loose rock on the trail. Parts of the trail are overgrown but still easy to find your way! Beautiful at the top. We could see Mount Rainier, Mount Adams, Mount St Helens, Two Brothers, The Canal, the Duckabush River. Totally worth it!

1 month ago

Trail well kept. We hiked end of June so water beds were dry. I bet this would be more scenic in the spring.