had a blast..trail completely snow covered but easy hike with treaded boots..

Did this hike a couple of days ago. It can be hiked or snow shoes. Beautiful views of all the snow covered trees. Thank you to one of my fellow hikers who found one of my Yak Traks and brought it back down to the trailhead.

The top offers a great view of the Spokane area. Good trail for running or a day hike. Will be back to snow shoe!

3 months ago

One of the best views in the Spokane area.

on Rocks of Sharon Trail

4 months ago

The rocks are cool to explore and climb on.They say this is 6.8 miles but I stretched it into 10 miles by taking lots of little side trips. Lots of area to explore.

Nice, well cared for trail. Went for a run on Sunday and it was a little muddy from the overnight rain but still in good condition. I would advise this trail to any one looking for a hill climb.

4 months ago

Good easy hike. Has a nice view at the top. Some rocks for rock climbing as well. Well marked trail.

Great trail run, well maintained very uphill/downhill with not much in between. Beautiful views of Spokane and the surrounding hills. I did see several groups of people and most of them had dogs with them. This trail hooks to Stevens Creek trail. A sign was posted on the gate that in the last few days a run of car break-ins have happened. So make sure your car is empty of valuables.

Gorgeous! The fall leaves are beautiful

Could be described as more of a trashed city park near the Appleway trailhead than a nature hike. The times that I've hiked around have been on the loops to the east of the nature area, where it connects with the 8th Street trailhead. This seems to be where there are usually transients and a lot of trash. I haven't taken the trail through the lodge that seems to venture more south.

Some parts of the trails are easy to make out but it's not a well groomed trail for, what I would consider, to be casual walking. I'm more of a "make my own trail" person, so the lack of groomed pathways doesn't bother me. It's not so bad that you couldn't find your way out again, especially being near a busy arterial.