The main trail was packed enough to not need snowshoes. We walked through some of the smaller trails as well, but snowshoes would have been nice to have on those. Just enough new snow to not be icy, but it will be soon. We only saw one other person this morning and had a great view from the top on a sunny day.

Finished the hike but there is a lot of ice and snow and mud from the runoff. Would definitely wait till it’s warmer out. Beautiful view though!

Icy and muddy, but totally worth it

Looks like a nice trail. We went part way in and weren’t prepared for the ice/snow-covered trail. Will try again when the weather is warmer.

We went off the trail and got some priceless photos, it was amazing and not to hard as long as you take your time :)

Beautiful hike. Missing signage makes it hard to know if you’re on a trail or not

Great place to sneak in a quick hike. Easy to get off the main trail because of false trails or missing signage.

Pretty hike but very poorly marked, it was hard to figure out which trail to take especially in the snow. I had to track myself on the app so I wouldn’t get lost.

We love this hike! My girls have done this with me too, they are 7 and 4... We brought snacks and took breaks but they did it! At the bottom, there are a lot of butterflies to catch and look at, which the girls just love. I have also seen a moose towards the top! I love having this trail so close to home.

Nice easy hike! Had a quick picnic at the bench at the top. Good hike for the fur babies.

snowy a little muddy and slippery, but beautiful!

Really beautiful hike with great views of Spokane. Definitely follow the trail map if it’s your first time because there are a few places where it’s not clear.

Nice afternoon hike

great hike close to town

Great day for a hike! Only my second time hiking here. I forgot how convenient this spot is.

Trail is not well marked So be aware of your surroundings!

Great hike! Look for the gate on your left hand side when you are driving there. Keep an eye out for furry friends as well☺️

mountain biking
5 months ago

I love this place. Have come here frequently. Lots of different trails for hiking and exploring. There's not too many people because there's lots of trail options.

Mountain biking it's not that great but once you go real deep and get good and lost its pretty fun on a bike if you're willing to make your own path, then it's pretty interesting.

Fun hike, really great views all the way around the loop!

trail running
5 months ago

Ran last Saturday morning when in town visiting family. Great location 15 mins from south hill...a lot closer than something we westsiders often deal with. Started south end and ran counter clockwise. Steep grind to start and long grind after turning at the north end. Good to see a mix of runners, walkers and bikers enjoying a beautiful Saturday morning.

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