2 days ago

I love this place. Have come here frequently. Lots of different trails for hiking and exploring. There's not too many people because there's lots of trail options.

Mountain biking it's not that great but once you go real deep and get good and lost its pretty fun on a bike if you're willing to make your own path, then it's pretty interesting.

Fun hike, really great views all the way around the loop!

trail running
9 days ago

Ran last Saturday morning when in town visiting family. Great location 15 mins from south hill...a lot closer than something we westsiders often deal with. Started south end and ran counter clockwise. Steep grind to start and long grind after turning at the north end. Good to see a mix of runners, walkers and bikers enjoying a beautiful Saturday morning.

10 days ago

Different sections are steeper than others. I went here in late Nov at night, and saw a purple-ish meteor or star pass in the sky. Mushroom hunting ++ Distant Howling ++ Great Views++

Went for a very smokey hike this morning the trail markers are different from the map on this app towards the end so I have no idea if I was in the right spot or not but it was awesome regardless!

19 days ago

Used this trail for initial prep for Grand Canyon rim to rim hike. Easy access, beautiful views, not much traffic (it was hot, >90). Multiple side trails and tracks to provide varied elevation gain. Wind picked up at sunset. Porcupine crossed the trail right in front of us at dusk.

30 days ago

Great hike. If it is 6.8 miles, it is a long 6.8 miles. I don't say that to complain because I loved the hike, but it seems longer than 6.8 miles. Plus if you wanted to do a shorter hike there are ways to do it. If you want a shorter hike and still get the great views start from the Stevens Creek Trailhead. There is a connection between the East fork and West Fork of the Iler Creek trails about halfway that would make it shorter. Bottom line: fun hike with lots of different terrain and things to look at.

1 month ago