An incredible oasis any time of year amid suburban sprawl. There are only five public accesses to Puget Sound in all of South King County for 725,000 people and this is one of three in the City of Des Moines (the others are at Saltwater State Park and Redondo). Given that much of the burden for maintaining and preserving the lower reaches of this wonderful feature falls on just the 31,000 people of Des Moines, it doesn't seem unreasonable that the 80 percent of non-resident parking lot users are asked to contribute a measly $1 per hour to help preserve the parking lot that is in danger of being closed due to seawall failure. Easily the cost of that latte you're trying to walk off anyway. Heck, it's $10 bucks at Saltwater State Park.

on Des Moines Creek Trail

4 days ago

it's very pretty but lots of noise from planes. for me, it defeats the purpose of getting out into nature because I look for serenity, but for those who enjoy planes you'll love it!

I do this several times a week; it's great and fully paved. I am really disappointed that they started charging for parking down at the beach end (I liked the up and then down) and so I now park at the S 200th st entrance which is in Seatac and they do not charge parking there.

One of my favorite go to spots to walk my dogs! If your looking for a in the woods hike it's not that. They do charge to park there now. $1.00 per hour or $5.00 for the day!

1 month ago

6/24/2017 (Saturday) -- The beach park has a large parking lot, a long bridge stretching into the sea for catching crabs. A weekend farmer's market attracts a huge crowd of people. The sewer treatment plant is located 3/4 mile from the beach. This is a hot early summer day, but a morning walk in the woods is OK.

2 months ago

Was a great walk ....def. going to do again

4 months ago

I was disappointed only because I was hoping for Hiking... the walking path is nice though. Very peaceful next to the water. I will walk this again in tennis shoes not hiking boots.

7 months ago

Lets be realistic... This is a trail in the middle of an urban area. This is not a secluded nature tail in the mountains. So given its urban location, this is one of the best trails to take to get outside and enjoy fresh air and exercise. Double thumbs up. Except there are no potties at the SeaTac entrance. That's a bummer.

easy walking trail, great for jogging because it's flat. beautiful