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Still couldn't find the Wall after two attempts; don't know what I'm actually looking for either. The walk is nice but was hoping for a destination or a view of something. Still a pleasant piece of Cougar Mountain to experience.

4 days ago

Started in the late morning, the trail provided a quiet, forested adventure with several lookouts along the way. This author, being somewhat out of shape, had to rest a few times on the way up. Trail markings are excellent with no bugs and only a tiny muddy area -- a perfect afternoon in the fall.

There aren’t any lakes here I’m not sure why someone posted pictures of one. And the out and back distance is closer to 8 (3.7 each direction). But it was a pleasant hike.

13 days ago

Great hike close to home. The falls were dry today but really enjoyed the peacefulness.

on Licorice Fern Trail

13 days ago

Loved this hike. A nice challenge close to home. Beautiful this time of year.

Great trail. Beautiful views!

Definitely worth the drive out here, beautiful scenery it's like being in a fairy tail.

This was my first visit to the trail and I loved it. I'm training to hike the AT in March and found the hills, stairs, rocks, roots and ups and downs quite challenging with a 18 pound pack on. I managed 10 miles and loved every bit of it. The trails are well marked and the scenery was fabulous. This is a great place for getting in shape.

Nice brief hike if you’re in the area. Good for bigger kids :-)

Did it yesterday! Just beautiful hike! Really enjoyed it and the lake is breathtaking. A must do.

trail running
1 month ago

I'd give this a 3.5 rating if I could... Ran it easily at a 11-min pace. I started at Red Town Trail parking lot, and ran about 6.5 miles East to Renton Issaquah Rd SE (Rte 900) on this loop. I couldn't figure out how to get to the Squak trails without cutting through private property, so turned around and made it a 13-mile out-and-back. There are a ton of turns on this route that I definitely would have gotten lost on were I not able to download the route in advance. Might try it again with a running buddy who can navigate better than I.

Whitaker trail becomes Deceiver. Short but good incline up 2 hills. Lots of shade for sunny days and several bridges and log walkways over creeks and marsh. We took Shy Bear back to make it a partial loop.

A moderately difficult hike in a lush, dense beautiful forest. The trees provided plenty of shade that made the hike all the more pleasant! Make sure to bring plenty of water since there is no refill station!

great trail for running, decent foraging. unfortunately came back to my window smashed in after hike. Contrary to signage, there are no cameras over looking the parking lot. Still a beautiful trail though, just be conscientious.

Great view of Lake Sammamish from the view point right off the parking lot.

When the trail merges into the Talus construction, make sure to use your map and GPS location so you don’t miss where the trail is. We took a bit of a detour after missing the trail within the construction site.
Speaking of construction, we ran into "Trail Closed" sign leaning against the ridge side of the trail, ignored it, and kept walking. After snaking through the yet-to-start Talus construction area, the trail entered into the forest again via a jump-over stumps clearly indicating a swampy area. It was in early September so there was no water. But, I suspect a puddle-swamp area forms during rainy seasons. After walking over the stumps into the forest, the trail turned into a goat-trail and we ran into another ran-over "Trail Closed" sign. it was almost half-way for the ~3.5mi loop, and that time we decided to turn back. I don't know if the return path (the north-east side) is open. Something to find out the next time I am there by walking in the opposite direction, starting on the "left" (north) off the parking lot, probably veering right to the "No Name" or the previous "Surprise Creek" first.

Definitely need the app to track where you’re going as this is a hike made up of several smaller trails. Great hike. Quiet. Relatively easy/flat.

Very steep from the bottom Trail head. Fantastic Erratic huge rock was fun to rest on and impressively large boulder. Lots of steps, shaddy and good for more intermediate beginners.

Didn't think about the creeks drying up when we went but was still a good hike! Ended up going a bit farther and doing around 9 miles. The trail wasn't too busy, long for younger kids but saw several families over a few hours.

The hike was very enjoyable. Nice trail and not very busy for a Sunday hike. We did spot a mama black bear and at least one cub foraging in the brush. We reported to authorities and others on the trail. If you are a trail runner consider this!

total great! my first hike in Washington state

2 months ago

Not too much to see along the trail. The trail is not well marked, so I got lost once.

I was super excited to see all the views with water, but sadly the water was all dried out. It’s got really pretty tree views, cool little bridges, and it’s a decent work out. We ended up getting lost and took an extra 2 miles some where off the trail lol but it was alright just more excersize and pretty views for us! Also, when you get to the “top” there’s no real view to look forward to. Not a bad hike at all, I’ll retry in the fall when I can see the water but if your looking for a view at the top, you won’t find it here.

Went late morning on a Sunday. Only saw a couple of people. It was a great little hike.

2 months ago

Really nice trail great for kids under three but can’t be difficult with all the ups and downs and great for handicap.

2 months ago

It was a very enjoyable hike. I wish it was just a little better marked on where to start, but this apps trail GPS worked great.
Only down side was that the falls are pretty dry right now, but an enjoyable little climb for some adventure.
It’s down hill most of the way there, then up hill on the way back.
The ONLY way back is the way you come on the trail. Taking one of the other paths leads you off on a totally different hike.
Had a lot of fun with the family and can’t wait to take them out in the spring.

A great hour and a half to 2 hour loop! Enough work to keep it interesting, but never too much a challenge to not be fun.

The trailhead is very confusing and there were a number of shorter trails making up the longer loop which made for a very directionally challenged hike. Beautiful walk but easy to get lost

on Klondike Swamp Loop

2 months ago

Decent hike. I had my camera and didn't find much that stood out for special pictures. I did enjoy the closed in feeling from having the trees block out the sun. I think it is more like 3.5 stars, since it's not quite as low as a 3 and 4 is definitely too high of a rating.

2 months ago

8/4/2018 (Saturday) -- This is an easy loop in the woods with good trail condition and light traffic. Very pleasant in all weather.

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