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Cougar Mountain Regional Wildland Park is a regional park in King County, Washington, near the towns of Bellevue and Issaquah.

Blood red wolf moon

22 hours ago

The big boulder is about 1.2 miles in. At 2 miles there’s a great overlook back down to see it. Lovely trail that goes as long as you’d like with connectors.

It was a really nice trail, few big trees down from the wind but it’s definitely moderate

Fun hike! Lots of up and down areas, as opposed to a gradual incline and decline throughout. One particular area had some debris from the wind storm, but you can still continue on the trail. There is a point in the trail where you turn right to head up the steep incline to the lookout...if you continue straight instead, it takes you to the waterfall.

7 days ago

Awesome hike! Obviously some damage from recent windstorm but well maintained and beautiful. Definitely take the time to stop at both falls but the lookout was underwhelming even on a beautiful clear day like today but not a big detour.

10 days ago

Just wanted to correct some misconceptions: 1) Out & Back: Yes, you do have to come back down the same way unless you are OK with road walking (go down West Access to SR900 & head south), but there are loops to be done from the top, and future connections farther down. To make it a one-way, park a second car at West Access, Mountainside Drive, or Sequoia Court trailheads. 2) View area & privacy. The view area with bench (below Debbie's View) is better than D'sV and quite spectacular. Don't worry about bothering the neighbors, as all the houses (largely out of sight) were built or bought after the viewpoint was developed so they know the deal. 3) Shooting (also barking dog). This is on a privately owned ridge north of the park & doesn't occur often or for very long.

trail running
13 days ago

Absolutely love this trail! The first mile is a bit steep, then the trail levels out a bit in mile two then has some great switchbacks in the third mile. Perfect for repeats.

Good workout with hills but overall it’s not too difficult

Good hike, but as others say... you’ll need this app for the GPS to guide you through numerous forks in the path. Starts off as a leisurely walk and nothing physical until the loop.

Well-maintained trail. Very few people. Very pretty waterfall but would not recommend going to do it during the summer as it’s probably a trickle.

Beautiful rainy day hike. A little muddy and you definitely have to watch the map to stay on the right trail but overall a lovely loop.

Great views and a great walk with the dog. Definitely recommend this hike, and if you want to adjust there are tons of other trails that you can use.

Good workout and lovely forest close in.

28 days ago

This seems like a nice trail but we only got about a half mile before the constant and loud sound of gunfire from a nearby shooting range freaked out our dog and forced us to turn back. If you or your canine friend are bothered by the sound of gunfire this might not be the trail for you.

Simply stunning! A veritable enchanted forest, and we only saw 3 others and 1 dog the entire time. Highly recommended.

Beautiful! On our own... light traffic...several viewpoints! Little muddy. No snow yet. Rain held off today! Hallelujah! Wonderful first full day of winter!

1 month ago

Road is closed 3mi before the trailhead. Plan ahead to hike to the trail or use a snowmobile. Didn’t manage to get to the trailhead so giving a neutral rating.

This hike starts out really steep and you wonder if you'll ever make it, but it's fairly short so by the time you get done, you're like oh, that's it? The app said there was a view, and there wasn't, but it's really pretty scenery all the way up and down. (trickling streams, bridges, mossy boulders, ferns galore)

As others have noted, the trails here have quite a few forks and branches. Thank goodness for All Trail app’s GPS map, or I would have been totally lost.

1 month ago

Hiked with a friend at 7 am. Beautiful and we were on our own!

2 months ago

Good for a day hike.

2 months ago

Beautiful trail. Very well marked and well maintained. The elevation at the start is rigorous, but then it levels off long enough to catch your breath, before another steep incline. We took the trail to Debbie’s view and was rewarded with a gorgeous view of Mt. Rainier.

Really good hike. Kid friendly and good balance is sun and shade.

Went on this hike last Sunday and absolutely loved it. Go all the way up to Debbie’s point. It ends up being 7.0 miles. Great view and great workout.

Great trail and some good mushroom foraging here. Lots of fallen leaves now but a group ahead of us was still able to find a bunch of chanterelle mushrooms. This trail is easier on the moderate spectrum in terms of difficulty level, lots of trail runners here.

I’ve actually hiked this trail before with my niece, but didn’t record it. I’m glad I stumbled back on it because I could not remember how to get to the trail head. On the rare occasion when I hike alone, I search for medium to heavy trafficked trails. What I love about this trail is that even at 9:00am on a Saturday, the parking lot has a good number of cars. And while the hike is surrounded by lush forests, on ave. I come across people every 5 min. I will be hiking this trail for years to come.

Nice trail. It adjoins to several other trails on Cougar Mountain, so you can adjust the distance you want to hike. And with several trailheads you’ll never get bored with hiking the same path over and over again. As someone mentioned before the trail markers are not always clear on the direction you need to go. Good thing I had my GPS with me, as I went in the wrong direction 3 times.

Nice fall hike, rain on fallen big maple leaves made the trail slippery in places. This hike was at least a mile longer than the 5.3 listed in the description— I made a wrong turn and did some backtracking, but that couldn’t have been more than a mile round trip and my tracker came out at 7.7 miles.

Still couldn't find the Wall after two attempts; don't know what I'm actually looking for either. The walk is nice but was hoping for a destination or a view of something. Still a pleasant piece of Cougar Mountain to experience.

3 months ago

Started in the late morning, the trail provided a quiet, forested adventure with several lookouts along the way. This author, being somewhat out of shape, had to rest a few times on the way up. Trail markings are excellent with no bugs and only a tiny muddy area -- a perfect afternoon in the fall.

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