Great trail especially if you are bringing your dogs just be careful because some people who bring their dogs do not have friendly pets and they will bite so just keep a close eye on your pet

We did a shorter 3 mile loop "south bluff" trail out of this network of trails. Nice spot, please tell hike. Pretty busy even on a rainy windy day.

6 months ago

mountain biking
9 months ago

Wonderful hike and very easy. Somewhat confusing due to the trails being unmarked, and there are a lot of little trails.

this is a nice trail with a great view!

Being able to get away from the hustlers and bustlers, it was so refreshing to take a short hike. We loved it.

There are miles and miles of interlinking trails, not just the one on this app. Highest points and easy access at High Drive or 57th or Hatch. You can descend about 500 feet. Lots of wild flowers and wild life. Be aware coyotes, owls, Hawks and eagles there. Also ticks. Beautiful trails in the middle of the city - how lucky for those who live in Spokane!

Small trail but it's a fun walk with a view most of the time and in the spring there's lots of flowers!

trail running
1 year ago

Great trail with views of the Palouse, I caught it at sunset, I will do this again because it's a great break place for me during work. I like how the trail continues for so long.

Wonderful narrow trail. Has beautiful stretches with a great view of the Palouse highway. The trail is more of a series of trails that can be confusing at time so be careful what you may this is a trail may just be an old water runoff spot. Overall the trail is one to experience just be ready to walk/hike up some hills to get back to the road. :)