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Easier to find trail head from the south than the north. I hiked 2 miles on each end. Beautiful lake, beautiful day!!

1 month ago

Snow and ice on fair portion (half of loop)of this trail on October 20. Bring microspikes bc horses stamp it to ice. Tried to make it to snow peak cabin from the loop, but that portion was too icey and we turned back to finish the loop.

Sunny side was dry ground. The fall color is peak. New growth has covered most fire scarring.

Large tree down across Hwy 20 where trail picks up from parking area but that's your entry point. If you start the loop counter clockwise, be sure to look behind you as you face the boulder hill (1/2 mile?) or you will miss the small lake on your left.

I'd do this counter clockwise next time and come down the SW side around 4 pm for sunset light on the view points there. Mid afternoon light is too flat.

There was a lot of haze from 2 controlled burns last week in Kettle Falls and the Colville Reservation. Check with ranger district for recent burns before any Fall hikes bc they burn at different times depending on moisture.

AirNow showed 2.5pm, the dangerous particle size, yesterday.

Saw two other parties, there is road noise much of this hike but the views are lovely.

Fun easy trail.

I parked my car in front of the guide board facing the road because the parking was under construction.
The trail was covered by snow more than I expected. Although crampons or snowshoes were not necessary, I recommend using poles. I did not see any footprint other than animals on the snow.
The gold color of larch and white of snow were so beautiful but the view from the summit was not so good because of trees.

Had fun, easy trail, but signs were kind of confusing. Saw evidence of wildlife... Kid and dog-friendly

awsom experance for most. beautiful very nice.

Timed this hike right as the fall colors were starting to show. Trail was steep in places but great views. One nice thing about hiking along a ski run is your view is never obstructed.

Could not find the trailhead from these directions. Trails and roads are poorly marked (ie. not marked at all) in this area. Searched for over an hour and couldn't be sure of where to start.

Great hike, not too steep. The road leading in to the trailhead is rough, but you can easily get to it in a car, we took a Focus. The views from the top are absolutely amazing!

horseback riding
3 months ago

Hands down one of the most breathtaking loops I have done on a horse! It does have some pretty rocky areas, so a sure footed horse is best. It was a good mental challenge for the horses, thinking about where to put there feet on a tough terrain, but not to bad! We had a nice cool September breeze so they all hardly broke a sweat. STUNNING views around the whole loop! A few bridges over some little streams too. Will for sure come back and do again!

What a great hike! We hiked to the falls and camped last night. The trail was in good shape.

this is a great loop trail with surprising mountain trail effects. be sure to go up Sherman peak for the view

nice drive. access at pass to a few nice trails including a visit to snowy peak cabin

Basic easy trail around the lake and through the forest. Well marked. Super kid/dog friendly. Would be super fun to cross country sky during the winter as well.

mountain biking
3 months ago

Have hiked and mountain biked this trail multiple times. Beauty and condition of old growth forest is the highlight. Falls are nice, but high canopy, lush fern and devils club forest floor are incredible. Spotted a black bear cub, and kept the bear spray ready! Rarely see other parties on the trail.

We completed this trail yesterday and found it very enjoyable. It should be known that when looking at the elevation profile the steep incline / decline in the middle is not necessary to view the falls; it leads to an alternate access point. You could start there and only have a three mile hike to see the falls. However, it wasn't the falls that was the highlight of the trip for me. We left the car at 9:45 am, spent 45 minutes falls for lunch, then we're back at the car by 5:30.

4 months ago

What a perfect Sunday funday hiking Abercrombie Mountain north of Colville! It’s the second highest peak in Eastern Washington (by one little foot in elevation) at 7,310 feet. We saw fresh bear scat, tracks and scratches in a tree but sadly never saw our bear. I haven’t seen a view that spectacular since Scotchman Peak last summer. Highly recommended!

4 months ago

Really enjoyed the portion of the hike that we could do. Due to the washout we didn't advance past that since we were uncomfortable getting around it.

I really enjoyed this hike. The landscape is beautiful with lots of unique features. Not difficult in elevation change so not rough on your body but still enough to keep it interesting and feeling a little challenged.

4 months ago

Pretty basic trail, nothing all that exciting and very short. But it is still a gorgeous hike.

4 months ago

Beautiful lush shady forest. The old growth cedars and hemlocks with gigantic ferns were amazing. The trail had a few down trees on the way there, but all the stream crossings except for 1 had very nice bridge/walkways on them. The trail crew came by the morning we were heading out and did a fantastic job clearing the trail of the down trees we encountered the day before. From the junction of trails #28 and #308 to the falls the trail crew said was pretty rough (which we thought was perfectly fine) but they said they had plans to work on it later this season in September. The waterfall was nice, but the trail itself was the highlight for my family. Enjoyed this hike VERY much!
Oh, and THANK YOU to the previous reviewer who told where the campsites were on the trail. It helped so much knowing mile points and where we could stop. 0.6 miles, 1.9 miles, 3.6 miles, 2 spots at 7 miles and 2 spots at the base of the falls. (The mile 7 campsites were much better than the base of the falls in our opinion)

5 months ago

Bring your camera and a little extra time to enjoy the serenity up here.

trail running
5 months ago

Great little trail. Views are amazing. My gps put it at 6.3 miles round trip. There is a switch back about 2 miles in were there is a tiny lake the trail bypasses. Look for it its really beautiful:)

5 months ago

Great trail and the ranking is accurate - moderate. The falls are BEAUTIFUL and I jumped in for a great photo op!

awesome hike. hiked this trail to emerald lake from trout lake trailhead. there was a washout about a mile or so in marked with flagging, fairly easy to climb around other than that trail in great condition. took a dip in emerald lake. water was perfect for swimming on a hot day. there was a good rock to jump off and it was not too buggy. sporadic views on the rest of the trail. still a decent amount of wildflowers. the turnoff for the lake is marked by flagging only

Love this hike, this is my first backpacking trip every year for the last 4 years. Very pretty and easy. Usually at least several downed trees to work around, but nothing too bad. Very well used and established trail. Be sure to make plenty of noise while you’re out. I usually run into black bears every year, and have seen a grizzly out here once.

Great views and a wonderful walking through Northeastern Washington’s Kettle Range. The path around Sherman Peak is currently free of snow, except for one small patch on the SW side of the mountain. Conditions were great!

NOTE: Distance measured by my GPS from parking lot was 6.25 miles RT. I’ve seen guidebooks say anything from 5.3 to 6.0. Not sure why the description on this says 3.4.

5 months ago

For those in Spokane who think you have to drive all the way to the Olympics or the North Cascades for giant trees and ferns fear not! Just 2.5 hrs from Spokane is Upper Priest River trail 308 to American Falls. It is 8 miles in through the US portion of the only snow-fed inland rainforest in the world!

The trail gains a little over 700 feet over its 8 miles, with most of that being in the last mile before the falls. There are established campground sites at 0.6, 1.9, 3.6, 2 at 7.0 miles and a few just at the base of the falls (though these are flooded at the moment due to high snow melt).

The trail has recently been updated with lots of new bridges over creeks and muddy sites (maybe end of last season) and there are bundles of wood all along the trail indicating more updates are to follow. There are well over a dozen downed trees across the trail, telling me FS has not yet been through, but the trees are easy enough to get around.

Overall, the trail is mostly flat with some ups and downs here and there. The scenery changes a fair amount, walking through ferns and next to 10ft trees, even a couple of swamps and about 6 creek/river crossings. There are definitely signs of wildlife (We saw bear, wolf, deer, elk and Caribou tracks).

Stay safe and enjoy! Also, if anyone does this trail and finds a size 8 steel men’s wedding band around mile 3.3/3.4...you know where to find me...

Great hike with nice views from the top. We hiked through a tad of snow near the top, but overall trail conditions were great. The fs road to the trail is also in great condition, my little focus handled it just fine!

Access to the trail can be difficult due to blown down trees but any trees preventing access were cleared out. The trail had a few down trees to traverse and melting snow was an obstacle in the upper portions of the hike.

Bugs were a common annoyance. There were a couple ladybug nests on the summit and we spotted a moose on the drive off the trail.

This is the county high point for Ferry Washington and so the views from the top were good all around. I was able to see the Selkirk range to the east.

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