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18 days ago

Up to the lookout and back the same way us a good quick hike.

Closed. You cannot get into the park. It's blocked off by cones because of the fire. I tried to sneak in but was stopped by the park patrol. He said it isn't open until March.

trail running
21 days ago

Wasn't planning on doing this, actually didn't even know it existed! Stopped in at the Bonneville Campground to use the restroom and saw a sign for a trail, figured what the heck! Ended up taking it to the PCT connector and then to Gillett Lake! What a nice little find! Beautiful fall colors, nice change in scenery (forest to desert) and nice little lake at the end. Decent elevation gain, I think my gps read 1100' over 5.3 miles. Will def come back with my kids and overnight it at the lake!

21 days ago

23 days ago

Nice easy trail with great views!

Windy! Trail is cool, except the last 1.5 miles is walking down a street.

trail running
25 days ago

Hiked/ran this a few weeks ago; very nice mix of ecosystems along the way (forest, grassland, farm, lava rock, etc) but truthfully I don't feel like the views at 3 miles in were any different or more spectacular than the views at 1 mile in. The first portion of this hike is a real butt kicker (we attempted to run it and totally gassed out).

The middle section is awesome for running, with lots of rollers and some scenic flats.

The end however is miserable, so much traversing over sharp and wiggly rocks and then you end up at a road, a long, steep road until you finally re-enter the trail for about half a mile before finishing.

We went early on a Sunday and had little trail traffic but by the time we finished the parking lot was full and cars were lining the road.