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1 day ago

Pretty good hike. Be sure to pay attention though. I had assumed since the trail went to the second lake, so that one must be Gillette right? I was wrong and its not really worth the extra little bit to get there. Overall though still very please the few views you do get are quite amazing of the gorge, and its still possible to take in the beauty of the Oregon scars

Beautiful hike but a little disappointed that about half of the trail is closed due to falcon mating season and a fire. We went about 2 miles one way then turned around and came back. Looking forward to the entire loop being open. Didn’t pass that many hikers and the silence is golden.

10 days ago

The lake was worth it. The trail left a lot to be desired for me. My daughter got bored too without some of the views and waterfalls the gorge has to offer. The lake was very cool though and hiking on part of the PCT is always a fun adventure.

13 days ago

The views are great. There are lots of roots and rocks on part of the trail, but otherwise it's in good condition. The loop is still closed, but you can go out about 4 mi and back for a nice 8 mi hike. The amphitheater is a cool lookout and lunch spot.

Good hike, forest covered and well marked. Lake was beautiful

The trails are closed. I can’t believe I drove out here and didn’t know they were closed.

Great trail, something for everyone, views, water fall, lots of activity areas, get there early, parking fills up fast.

Such a pretty hike. Nice hike to get a little bit of everything from the gorge.

1 month ago

Loved it! Great views, good workout!

Did this hike back in January of 2017 and it was icy and slick which made the trek harder than it would be in the spring or summer months.

Hiked with my 10 mo old in tow. Lower trails were closed but viewpoints at the top were awesome! Lots of switchbacks and pretty steep. Made for a good workout. Can't wait to come back and do the whole loop with the waterfalls included!

05/20/2018 Good hike with multiple viewpoints. Features a decent amount of elevation gain. Trail is somewhat narrow. It can get crowded on the weekends, parking in particular. Lower half of the trail was closed due to falcon mating season. Trail has plenty of shade.

1 month ago

Always one of my favorites!

1 month ago

This stretch of the PCT is overgrown along its entirety with abundant poison oak. Literally miles of it, some hip high, along the trail. Wish we had not gone near it and plan on spending the evening washing dogs, gear, ourselves. Ugh. Stay away!!

Excellent hike, starts with good elevation gain. Has an amphitheatre type location at top the little history of the land.

Beautiful once you get to the top and well worth it! Expect rocky dry terrain until you do. You will pass horsetail falls along the way. Horsetail falls is more crowded, but I only saw a couple of ppl up at Triple falls.

on Sherrard Point

1 month ago

My favorite place. Stairs are steep. Worth all the driving! Closed most of the year for winter weather! Check openings first!

I was able to take my 5 year old on this trail with no problems, though he's an adventurous, extremely active kiddo. He struggled at times on elevation gain, and we kept an eye on him as there are always drops... The hike itself is beautiful, I absolutely love how green the gorge is, and this hike is beautiful. You have options to kick off to see other waterfalls, but Triple Falls is absolutely amazing. My family likes to go past the falls, over the bridge, and there's a little area there to have a snack, lunch, play a game, or just chill.

Fun hike with lots of viewpoints. The purple blooms along the trail were really pretty as well. Trail is not the best for trail running but certainly worth checking out.

Long walk up to heartbreak ridge. Heartbreak ridge is no joke. But a great hike for anyone with 6-9 hours to spare and a little crazy.

Did not find this to be a hard hike but it was long, so be sure to bring enough water and food. Well worth the views of Rainier, Hood, and the gorge at the top. We took Heartbreak Ridge, which was steep but more shaded than the other route. Fairly well shaded through most of the hike.

2 months ago

Good trail for a moderate hike. 8M out/back to the closed section which opens in July.

2 months ago

Hiked on May 4: this hike has it all: waterfalls, wildflowers, a few old growths, scenic gorge views, foot bridges, tunnel and delphinium lined trails. Lower trail closed, clocked 8.77 Miles on my i-watch doing an out and back course. Well maintained paths with excellent signage...

Love this trail. I didn't do the full loop as it was really windy when I got up to the top, but I did look at the map when I got back to the parking area and then hiked the lower trail to the second waterfall. it was a day after rains and the lower trail was wet and had very steep drop offs that looked like it went straight into the Columbia. The full loop is a must on my list on a day when the ground is more dry. Read the map in the parking lot, it tells you how to get to the lower trail. I did this hike back in early Feb before the lower trail closed.

Really good loop. Photo ops for days, from flowers to forest to mountains ( St Helens and Hood)

2 months ago

Gorgeous views! New favorit trail.. It’s about 1.4 miles up to the top and about 800 ft in elevation gain from the parking lot. Wasn’t sure where the lower half that was closed began though.

2 months ago

BEAUTIFUL views! Just the right amount of hike. PSA— it says this everywhere but somehow I missed the fact that the lower half of the trail is closed. So, avoid walking on the highway like I did and plan accordingly.

Not as muddy any more. Not too crowded compared to other gorge trails.

3 months ago

Just did this trail yesterday. Be advised that it is super muddy and slippery right now, so to add some extra time into your plans to compensate for moving a bit slower. But it’s a great hike.

Hiked this on 9/13. Very wet and rainy day and lots of deep puddles on the trail. The route was pretty well marked and there were 4 foot bridges over the streams (which looked like raging rivers because it was raining so hard). We decided to take the Heartbreak Ridge to the top and ran into snow that covered the rocks on the scramble. We got almost to the “pole” on HB Ridge and scrambled back down...definitely steep and challenging! We clocked 17.75 Miles on my iwatch...

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