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dogs on leash

great views. nice little walk

no shade
1 month ago

Not a bad hike, scenery is similar to what you can already see while driving through the refuge. Frog lake no longer exists so keep that in mind if you're looking for a lake hike. Great hike if you want some peace and quiet, as the refuge does not have high visitation. I recommend visiting during the cooler months.

Did the Crab creek Trail which starts from the same TH. No one else around. Beautiful clear day. Easy, well marked trail.

Trail is CLOSED October 1 - March 1!

3 months ago

Great hike, good views.

7 months ago

hard to find trail...but we bushwacked it in.

no shade
7 months ago

Followed the red line guide. Nice hike. Brought my 16 year old and had my 3 year old in the deuter. Took us 1 hr 40 mins. A lot of wide open space to roam if you wanted. Note it’s public hunting area. So wear bright colors.

7 months ago

Good little walk. The trail does not go to a lake but has great views of many lakes., it’s worth the walk. Lots to spring flowers

8 months ago

nice hike and good views.

10 months ago

Very easy to lose track of the trail. Large herd of cows I had to go around. Lots of birds out on this beautiful spring day!

no shade
11 months ago

This is the ONLY trail in the Columbia National Wildlife Refuge that is open from October first through March first. Was pretty all frosted this morning. Would also be pretty in the spring when everything is green. Took me <60mins car to car, but I’m a slow hiker.

Awesome quick hike. Took my 3yr old daughter and she completed the hike no problem. Beautiful scenery and easy trail.

Cool hike- hard to follow if you don’t have your map out (download it first). Also be ready for cows. My dog and I triggered a little stampede when we got out of the car and scared the crap out of some people further down the trail...so just be mindful/aware and careful!

Gorgeous and peaceful, trail is hard to follow but also hard to get lost in. More of a walking trail than a hike.

As some of the other reviews mentioned, the trail disappears once the view of the lake is gone. I used the GPS to loosely follow the trail. It is too bad, because some of the views are awesome, especially when up on the ridge. I do not advise as a family hike. Even the portion of the trail that is visible has long grass extending over the trail. Also, no trail markings. Pretty area though.

Easy trail, overgrown in parts. Follow the old cattle trails. Be prepared with proper footwear.

Thu Apr 19 2018

This one was fun to walk with my kids, my sister and her kids and my parents. We love being out in the local area and finding new (to us) places to enjoy the Columbia Basin(:

Very quiet and peaceful. Beautiful views of tiny lakes, and many cows. Trail is easy enough for beginners. It was very fun to explore this area.

This is not a loop trail. The "trail" disappears completely a little over halfway through and much of the trail before that (after leaving the lakes) is completely covered by tumbleweed. The only way we were able to complete the loop was by following the GPS on this map step by step, requiring well over a mile of complete off trail route finding through "sticker" infested ground cover. This then ends with a nearly vertical decent down the side of the hill immediately south of where you start. Recommend only completing this to the overlook and back (the only part in the map that is an out and back detour) and then return to the trail the way you came. Hike was nice up to that point.

Couldn't find the trail head. Unless it's the gate in the middle of weeds. ?

Getting to the start is a bit of a chore, it's a couple miles of the main road and very bumpy. The trail itself starts out nice. There were lots of cows. Lots of cows. The trail starts to lose its definition after about a half mile or so, making it easy to get off course. With the lack of grooming in a clear trail you are left to navigate by your own sense of direction. That's really what drags this trail down. Did I mention the cattle herd that wanders the land ?

hot in August but worth doing frog lake loop. it is where the coyotes play

3 trails to pick from. All are extremely easy to do, marked very well and maintenance around the trail is well-kept. There is parking for these trails across the gravel road. Dogs are allowed there, as long as they have leashes. We didn't see any rattlesnakes (we went at noon, 93 degrees at the time). I do have to say those horse flies are a pain so please make sure you have proper pants on when hiking. i had leggings on and got bit by them quite a bit. My child on the other hand had on jeans and didn't get bit..

We did the Frog Lake trail and really enjoyed it. Check for ticks!

bird watching
Sat May 16 2015

There are three trails available from where you park your car. We took the three mile option that took us on the ridge and we were able to see all around for miles. It was a well marked trail with informative signs. It was very enjoyable and quiet. Definitely recommend. Only word of warning is the written description of directions is correct while the map and GPS link sends you about 15 miles away.

I had the marvelous fortune of working as a Biological Sciences Aide on this Refuge in 2004. Best job of my life and some of the greatest people. I volunteered for them before and after the employment. I've stomped over much of this area and never failed to enjoy a second of my time there.

1 day ago

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