I visit here often. Perhaps that's why it isn't a 5 star for me. Actually, I think that you get the same serenity at the top as you do at the bottom. Most hike for the experience at the end, but for this hike...the entire thing is an experience. Kids and Dogs welcome. Small kids will get tired uphill at the end.
This is a great spot for birding!

Had a great time with my dogs and 65 yr. old father today! there is a pretty big incline so prep for that!

Nice views and well paved. Good mix of shade, open views, and retain differences.

Peaceful beautiful walk. Great hills depending on which way u walk the trail!

I LOVE love chambers ♥️ it’s absolutely gorgeous! There’s a couple times your heart gets a pumping, but it’s pretty easy for the most part. Views are unbelievably beautiful!!! And you can often see the otters pop their heads up!

Short distance, steep hills. good warm up!

Wonderful tail. It is paved and great for; kids, dogs, strollers, wheelchairs. three are two major hills: one that zig zag and the other is fairly straight. ive been twice. the first time I pushed my son in his stroller. I had him walk the hills. it was easier for me and safer, in my opinion. at the top of the zig zag hill, there is a play park for the kids. there is a bridge that leads to a water front. it's beautiful. there are many rocks and crabs to see. some ppl bring a lock to put on the bridge. it's wonderful.

It’s paved, so really nice if you have young children and wanna use a stroller instead of a baby carrier. The view is amazing. You can go by the water. I think the ruins give the place a incredible charm it wouldn’t have without them. There are picnic tables and public restrooms. It’s mostly flat, except for a big hill. I recommend this place.

this is now my favorite 3 mile loop between here and Seattle. they have a dog park which helped my puppy burn off a lot of energy before trying this loop. it was raining and cold but there were still folks on the path. I'm coming back again when it's better weather to take photos as well.

This trail winds around Chambers Bay Golf Course. Access is easy, with several possible starting points. It is a loop, just over 3 miles around. The trail is a paved path, wide throughout, and with resting points and vistas along the way. Near the top of the trail is a playground with easy access to restrooms and a water fountain, so it's suitable for younger children.

There are stretches of fairly steep climbing, but they are of short duration, and with the trail being asphalt it isn't treacherous. At a relatively easy pace it takes about an hour. It's dog friendly, with many garbage cans to dispose of poop, and dog doo bags in dispensers. This trail is also suitable for running, if you're so inclined.

It isn't particularly scenic, but for it being so close to Tacoma it's a nice trail, with good elevation gain and of sufficient length so as to get you a decent walk in without having to do multiple laps.

Beautiful views, this trail combined with the grand view trail to make it just over 5 miles.

trail running
7 months ago

This is part of the sound view trail.

trail running
9 months ago

I ran here the other day and while it's a great natural forest setting it is not well maintained. There are numerous off trail paths where people just hang out. My car was broken into while I was there and though many people saw my vehicle being vandalized no one so much as asked them what the hell they were doing. no one , despite having seen the perps could provide any information to the police. Bottom line it's not safe. Venture elsewhere.

Great place for couples, families or just by yourself. Beautiful scenery.

Amazing place for a run, walk, hike, flying a kite or having a picnic!

2 months ago

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