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trail running
2 days ago

Nice run... nice and peaceful trail. Some of the parts were narrow and I had to wait for bicyclist to go through, but that is really not anything to complain about. My biggest complaint was that I heard many small caliber gunshots at the very beginning of the trail. I no longer heard any closer to the falls, just at the beginning of the trail. Based off of the name, I was expecting a nice run to a beautiful waterfall… But that’s not the case. The “falls“ were so small that it is possible to even miss it. I heard some running water hiked down a baby trail and saw it. If you are looking for a nice waterfall, the nicest in the area is Tumwater Falls. If you are looking for a nice hike or trail run, this is the place.

I hiked up toward the Margaret McKenny Campground and loop back around to the Mima Falls. Not much of a visual hike. The day before, there were horse events, so the trial was riddled with horse poo. It was hot and nasty that morning and the water fall was terrible. The only good thing about the hike was at the top you had a clear look at Mt. Rainier.

Great trail! The only downfall is it having potholes. And, don't bring your 55 yr. old dad.

Nice hike to a small waterfall. Also good for mountain biking.

Fine hike, but the falls were tiny and not a worthwhile endpoint. The “day use area” by the falls is little more than a picnic bench.

Awesome trail for kids and family. Easygoing trail.

mountain biking
11 days ago

Great trail, the lenght was great. Just be aware of other people.

Very challenging going uphill!!

19 days ago

This hike was GORGEOUS. Loved the falls!!

21 days ago

I have 6 kiddos from 9 years old down to 2 and this was perfect for all of them. Porter creek is straight out of a fairytale.

26 days ago

longer than expected, not well marked, but beautiful and decent for hiking with a baby. maybe more resting places could make it better for kids, but otherwise good. the trail width made me feel safe, and there were not too many bees. falls were pretty, though a little anticlimactic. I went on this last year in late June. was thinking of going again, but have 2 kids now and should probably choose one with more benches.

29 days ago

Easy trail. In and out of shade. Out in open where clear cut had been its plenty warm. Trail is in good shape. A couple grades to go up and down. Three small bridges. Water fall is more of a trickle in July.
I am still glad we went. There are a few old growth Firs to pass by sticking out feet in the water was nice. We saw two deer, a big Woodpecker, some misc birds and about six other hikers. Lots of horse apples on trail. Go walk it!

1 month ago

Great little hike leading to a nice relaxing little waterfall. Great for families but watch the end the rocks near the falls are steep and drop off plus they are SUPER slick when they are wet. But the hike itself is family friendly and makes for a nice morning or evening walk.

1 month ago

A pretty trail, but longer than expected. Maps at the park are not marked well, but the AllTrails app really saved me! There is horse poop on the trail. Pretty shady with some patches of sunshine. Saw a couple little snakes. The falls are pretty too! You can get pretty close to them.

My girlfriend and I loved this. We did it in conjunction with Mckenny Trail and had a great 9 mile hike. I would say moderate/easy difficulty as there are not many sustained climbs. We did run into a couple folks on horseback and several bikers. There is some horse manure but it was not enough to warrant any frustrations for us. If I could do this trail again it would be on a mountain bike. Would have been great to ride in my opinion.

great hike. Took my 7 year old and 10 year old on their second hike ever. took us about 4 hours.

1 month ago

Nice walk through though the woods. The falls were a bit lack luster but still a better way to spend the day than at work or the city.

Beautiful day on the trail and had it all to ourselves.

1 month ago

Wasn’t expecting this hike to lead to such an amazing little spot. Definitely recommend it for families, we took our 4yr daughter with us, just make sure you watch them while crossing some of the more narrow spots on the trail. Other than that, it’s a great little hike and has an awesome end spot!

1 month ago

it's an easy hike with lots of great nature to explore: ponds with turtles, frogs, ducks, salamanders. Lots of birds. many amazing wild berries. garter snakes on sunny days.

the trail has a section through a sunny meadow, and a quieter, shadowy forested area with a winding trail

on Mima Falls Trail

1 month ago

Overall a really good trail. Thirty minutes from our house and got some exercise. The trail is easy for all skill levels and a decent length. Well marked. For those negative remarks about the “gunshots and horse poop” hey should have read the sign at the trailhead. Near gun range and it is a shared trail - with horses and bikes. Nice walk in the woods on a comfortable day weather wise. Take snacks and some water. Would recommend to anyone wanting to “get away” from the city.

1 month ago

We hiked with 2 boys, aged 7 and 8. Short enough to keep their attention but long enough to get a good hike in. Be sure to wear good shoes, it has some elevation and uneven ground.

1 month ago

Horse manure everywhere!!!! Awful smell and bugs from the piles of manure ruined the hike for us. Gunshots were unsettling, loud, even in the early am. Not for anyone with gunshot PTSD.

Good hike for beginners! Took my kids and it was super easy. Not much of a falls and there was poop everywhere but overall not bad. We stopped at farm boys restaurant on the way back and it was good. We did 6.5 all together

Nice leg stretcher to a charming waterfall. More than half the hike is shaded so it would be good on a hot day. Definitely heavily used by horses, but I only saw two on a Monday, along with a couple of runners and cyclists. Trail is extremely well marked, and trailhead was easy to find.

its hot n to many horses n poo

This was a great trail. Very well maintained. The only downfall is the amount of horse poo and the trail is to narrow to both horse riders, Hikers and bikes to be on at the same time. But besides that I’d do it again.

Great hike we did about 6.6 miles there and back no loop.

Camping: sunset campground if you want to get punked by A bigfoot and spooked at 10:30 at night. Go on Fathers day weekend.


Perfect little hike on Father’s Day. Trail was as advertised. Wish there was a little more to look at but still had a great time with family.

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