2 months ago

This is a beautiful trail, great condition! I definitely recommend doing the lookout! It’s worth the added 2 miles, especially on a clear day. Two mountains are in view (pretty sure it was Rainier and Baker). Love being able to hear the water for most of the trail.

Very good trail wanted to do Ellinor but the one was good too! I could not find Ellinor for the life of me. But the good thing about this trail is it runs into Ellinor so I will def be back to do it again. It was peaceful and you could hear the water the whole time. I’d recommend it! Def has a nice incline too! My legs burn

Beautiful. We went clockwise because we wanted an easier descent on our knees. We chose to go the extra climb up to the viewpoint. I'd love to know the elevation to that, because it was harder than the rest of the loop. Really worth it!

Nice hike mostly through woods and creeks. moderate, not hard. going up clockwise is consistent climb from mile 1 to 2. then lots of possible lunch stops.

This was a nice hike - enough water for the dog - steep enough at the beginning to get a workout and the way back down was a nice fast walk. Lots of bridges to cross, pretty waterfalls, gorgeous views.

The river is beautiful and the trail very well maintained and clearly marked. Miles 1-2 were steep but not difficult. Nice day hike but not really worth a repeat.

The way up was hard as it was steep in some places but the trail itself was well maintained and easy to walk on. There are several benches along the way and signs marking directions that haven't been graffitied! We have two little dogs that made the entire loop. They were tired when we go to the car! Great bench near the highest point to enjoy lunch. Pay station right at the parking lot for those without an annual pass. When you reach the top of the loop, you can continue on for another mile to a lookout or 4.5 miles to Ellinor.

6 months ago

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