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I needed a short backpack trip to shake out the cobwebs, so I decided to spend the night on the lower Grey Wolf, one of my favorite day hikes. Glorious weather, and there has been some work on the trail, so the trail is in great shape. I set up camp in the site just north of the overused 2-mile camp that is right on the river. After I set up camp, I discovered that the city folk who do not have a clue about back country etiquette have been using this bucolic campsite as their crapper. OMG! Who takes a dump at the edge of a great campsite, simply because it is a short distance from their campsite? Apparently, several people at least.

If you are reading this, and think it is OK to just crap on the ground, leave your toilet paper on top, and drop a few pieces of tree bark on top of that mess, please go out and get a copy of "How to Shit in the Woods: An Environmentally Sound Approach to a Lost Art" by Kathleen Meyer. Please. Or read about it on the Internet.

That was the only downside to this beautiful little trek. The Giant Trees trail is overgrown but still navigable.

Please note that the Lower Grey Wolf Trail will be closed the weekend of September 30 / October 1 for fish habitat restoration.

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this was a nice break from all the uphill hiking there was a nice river and it was a great relaxing hike probably one of my favorites

This was a nice and relaxing trail. I'm curious how the materials for the bridges were brought in, those are not simple Boyscout creations!

Very nice trail for all skill levels. I took my 11 and 7 year olds up to the Notch Pass Trail junction. They were tired by the end, but loved every minute of it! Lovely scenery and quite a few fellow hikers along the way made for a very nice day hike!

2 months ago

This was an easy hike for any and all skill levels. It was peaceful, scenic, and well enjoyed! A big thank you to other hikers regarding the directions...at the fork go to the right and there will be a sign ahead (within 1 mile from the fork) and you will turn to the left. Drive down the path about 1/2 mile and there is parking and a long drop outhouse.

4 months ago

A good flat hike that I did with my dad & brother. The directions on alltrails however is wrong. When you see the sign that says "Big Quilcene, 11 miles" take that right & not the left that the gps tells you to. You'll see another sign soon after that tells you to take a left for half a mile to get to the lower big Quilcene trailhead.

5 months ago

It was a fantastic start to our camping season. We got there around 11:00am on Saturday. It's quite the spot to go to with quite a few people/family's arriving for day hikes. It was a VERY MUDDY trail. I'm guessing all year around because of the very frequent little water run offs and streams moving to connect to the river, overlapping the trail itself. We didn't go in as far as we would have liked because of the warning sign of a mudslide about 4.5 miles in, but other hikers we saw venture farther only to return about 15-20 minutes later going back up the way they came in from. Great little pre-camp spots here and their along the river where other campers previously stopped over the years. Road conditions are fine just don't go too fast or you will slide and fall off the side. Unfortunately we did see a man fly down the muddy backroad only to find his truck about 15 feet down off the side of the truck path. Luckily his truck got cradled by some older trees and made it out with no serious injuries. If those trees where not there to catch that truck, he would not have walked away from that fall so just be careful while going up. Happy trailblazing!!!

5 months ago

Only walk maybe the first two miles, but it was a great walk. Will go again

Emery pretty protected hike. Best to go on toward Notch Pass Trail to Thomson Creek. A gem at the end!