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4 months ago

This is one of very few trails nearby, and one of the only unpaved trails around. There are no trail markings, but it’s small enough you won’t get lost.

7 months ago

Nice little trails, if you make it to the dam, there were beavers!

Had a fun time with the family. We took a few side trails and crossed the creek via a fallen log. My daughters had a great time. Nice and well maintained main trail. Side trails vary.

It's good for a hike in the city, but the whole hike you can hear traffic. A good section of the hike follows a chain link fence with razor wire on top of it. The creek is nice. The trail is very wide and well maintained. For a Saturday there wasn't very many people using the trail. It's a nice getaway if you're strapped for time or can't travel far from home.

Awesome park. Great view and the jungle gym was a hit with my boys!

Love it! So peaceful to walk along the brook I. The morning!

I Take my kids every weekend they absoultley love running around. Last weekend we did a scavenger hunt and found all kinds of different things.

very cool trail, lots of stuff to see and do , forgot i was in tacoma

love this trail lots to do and see, i forgot i was in tacoma

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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Thursday, October 20, 2016