Three narrow spires--North, Middle, and South Peaks--known collectively as Three Fingers anchor the center of this Wilderness. Boulder River, the primary drainage, runs northwesterly from a north-south ridge that rises to a high point of 6,850 feet on South Peak. South Peak is also home to an old, precariously perched fire lookout. The high central ridge bears a narrow saw-toothed profile with several sharp summits, which include Liberty, Big Bear, and Whitehorse Mountains and Salish and Buckeye Peaks, all above 5,600 feet in elevation and flaunting sheer faces that attract rock climbers. Several steep and heavily wooded ridges thrust out east and west from the central crest of the Wilderness. Alder, willow, devil's club, and other brushy plants (encouraged by as much as 100 inches of annual precipitation) make off-trail travel tremendously arduous. Climbers often wait until winter, when snow covers the brush. Along the river you'll find ancient trees: Douglas fir, true fir, western hemlock, and western red cedar. Some old trees have reached beyond 100 feet in height. Black bears, black-tailed deer, and elk inhabit the forest, with mountain goats staking out the rocky shelves above the tree line. The great central core of the area remains rough and trailless. A short trail extends up Boulder River for 4.3 miles through old-growth forest. Three short trails climb toward the high crest and peter out. Another trail crosses the northeast corner of the Wilderness over Squire Creek Pass, with outstanding views of the high crest. Total trail miles come to about 25.

1 month ago

Hiked this for the second time on 2/23/17..The first time I hiked it, was back in June 2016(Summer Hike) with my kiddos. We enjoyed the beautiful waterfalls and eating lunch on the river while playing in the water. This last time we hiked here, we found a few trees down along the trail many had been cut to get through the trail. About 3.5 miles in there was a HUGE tree down that you have to climb over to continue on the trail. There was little snow and ice. Love this trail, always pleasing

I expected an end to the trail, but the trail clearly continues on after the purported end. The waterfalls were nice, though.

awesome and great for kids! not very crowed since it's February. some snow but not much. we turned around at about 2.5 miles because of our 6 yr old, but it was beautiful!

2 months ago

nice hike forthe begging of the year start to your hiking season. and through it also. the hike past the falls become more fun

2 months ago

Fairly easy- even with the snow and ice on the ground. Great views and waterfall experience.

3 months ago

been here 3 or 4 times nice shorter hike not to much of incline just enough tho. nice waterfalls good for pictures. end of winter is a good time for snow and big waterfalls.

Beautiful trail, unique waterfalls, but the road to get to the start of the trail is terrible. Want to hike this again so badly but don't want to put our car on that road.

Beautiful hike! Took my 2 dogs with me and they enjoyed it as well. There was a huge tree down that made it difficult to get to the 3rd waterfall but other than that it was great!

Enjoyable hike with impressive waterfalls. Trail starts out wide, but narrows significantly which makes passing others on the trail difficult. I'd definitely come back and camp next summer

We took our 6 and 8 year olds. Fun for everyone. Loved hiking around the "creekbanks"...

Nice secluded hike, with little in & out traffic or inclines. Perfect for beginners, kids & dogs. Well maintained trail following the Sauk River. Perfect for a calm day hike!! Enjoyed the trail & beautiful scenery.