Belfair State Park is a 65-acre, year-round camping park on 3,720 feet of saltwater shoreline at the southern end of Hood Canal in western Washington. It is noted for its saltwater tide flats, wetlands with wind-blown beach grasses and pleasant areas for beach walking and saltwater swimming.

Drove there only to find out dogs are not allowed.  Suggest adding "not pet friendly" to the "kid friendly" "hiking","walking", etc info blocks.

I've ran and walked this trail dozens of times. pretty view sometimes in summer and a good exercise track for runners.

Kind of a bummer. Drove out here with my dog to find out that she wasn't allowed to go on the trail.

Love this so do my kids!

Definitely not good for just hiking or horses. There were a lot of motocross bikes. You won't get the "out in nature" quiet peaceful hike you're expecting...

I'm not use to this cold, but the hike was beautiful!

Beautiful trail

Fun kid friendly hike.

This trail was not a good walking trail. It looked like it was mostly used for ORVs. My son and I drove up here and decided not to walk. It was pretty rural and trails were run down wth tracks and bumps from ORVs. I didn't feel comfortable walking alone with my son because it was so far out.

great for birders or anyone looking for a walk flat delta tidal lands is informative and very well maintained kid friendly

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Nice casual trail with some great spots for watching wildlife.