Easy, flat and well maintained.

1 year ago

1-3-2014: My wife and I walked on newly built Redmond Central Connector Trail. The construction of the trail is not complete but it is potentially a fun trail to walk.

Flat paved trail in central Redmond WA that connects the Bear Creek and 520 trails to old Redmond and the city center. Great for cyclists and runners. This trail is currently in phase 1, with potential to connect to the Puget Sound Energy trail and, further along to Kirkland.

2 years ago

Paved trail near the Redmond town center mall and following Bear Creek. The city of Redmond is refurbishing the grounds adjacent to the trail and along the creek, which should make for some nice open space. One downside is that this is close to Bear Creek parkway and SR520. Trail was popular with runners and cyclists when I went.