Battle Ground Lake State Park is a camping park with 280 acres of beautiful, forested land in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains. The lake itself is of volcanic origin and is considered to be a smaller version of Crater Lake in Oregon.

Nice easy walk. You can take some of the different trails to make it longer and get off the beaten path, but in my experience they didn't offer much in the way of views. The prettiest views were found on the lower lake trail. Great for other activities besides hiking- camping, swimming, fishing... lots to do here!!

Easy walk; the bottom portion is pretty accessible for small loads but not strollers. Saw tons of people fishing. Lake is very calm, but small, so good to float in but not for exploration.

Very pretty here

Easy, pretty, lake views. Not stroller friendly at all points.

I walked around the horse trail two times and it was somewhat muddy.

I love this walk! No hiking involved and a beautiful walk around the park.

The lake is beautiful and so peaceful especially mid-week! Trails are very well maintained and even saw a horseback rider out today.

Love BG Lake, two different trails around the lake. Beautiful!!

Busy in the summer, noise from a lot if folks on the beach. Picked up a lot of trash on the way.

Decent area. Couple of nice views. crowded by people using the lake to swim so parking can be tuff in summer Doubles as equestrian trails in some areas so steep hills are ate up and watch out for horse excrement. Don't swim in the lake, just my personal opinion.

pretty good trail. summer gets nuts though!

Close to home. Main trail around lake is ok. Trails are going all over and not really any marking. Spring can be very muddy. So wear shoes u intend to be muddy. They have hire trails, bike trails, camp sites.