went for a day of riding and finding geocaches in banner forest the trail system is huge and you can spend hours riding through every part of the forest, be warned horses do you the park also so be careful around blind corners

Beautiful park with lots of windy trails inside the Loop. One thing we found that is if you go off the loop without a compass or good since of direction, you will get twisted around a lot. I was raised in the woods and found myself confused at times as the unmarked trails twisted and switchbacked throughout the interior of the park. This made it very baffling and left us feeling like we just needed to press on. It would be nice if the trails were marked at least for exits. But great for a Hide-n-seek game.

was a good hike! it's not a clear loop so I would recommend turning around at the two mile mark..

loved this forest, lots of trails and not too hard at least the main trail. definitely could get lost in here if you take the smaller trails. also wouldn't feel safe walking alone. but it was stroller friendly which was a plus!

I will definitely go hike here again. It's a very easy trail with endless possibilities for distance, and perfect for smaller children. I highly recommenced GPS'ing your route though. The map at the trailhead is very inaccurate and trails are not marked well.

Lots of fun little trails to explore if you get off the main road! Easy terrain and mostly well cleared out.

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