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Rock Creek Park Rock Creek Park is truly a gem in our nation's capital. It offers visitors an opportunity to reflect and soothe their spirits through the beauty of nature. Fresh air, majestic trees, wild animals, the ebb and flow of Rock Creek, and thousands of years of human history emanate the delicate aura of the forest. Rock Creek Park is open during daylight hours.

10 days ago

Great scenery even in the winter.

Had a good hike, but was frustrated by the poorly marked trail system. Hiked north from the nature center on the western ridge trail, then returned on the valley trail. Many forks in trail with no indication ofwhich trail is which. Blazes and trail markers seemed sparse.

Great hike for a decent workout with the pups. We added an extra mile by parking on Colorado which was awesome

Easy, great for small kids. Can often still hear traffic. Nice and shady, with some interesting historical sites along the way.

4 months ago

Really nice, shady trail with a long stretch along the creek, including lots of spots to go right down to it. Some elevation changes. Watch out for the horse poo though! It is well traveled by the horses. Great with kids.

5 months ago

nice trail

6 months ago

Borderline moderate/difficult.

6 months ago

As with the entire rock Creek system, trails or poorly and infrequently marked.

7 months ago

Fun trail, poorly labelled. We had a great lunch sitting on the rocks by the rapids about a third of the way through (we started from the south). Be sure to check out Pulpit Rock and the views from there! We started on this trail and then walked down Western Ridge at the north point (for about 9mi total).

Nice moderate trail, but very poorly marked. We met several other hikers on our way and no one knew where they were going.

Short, easy loop with a spot to go into the creek. Lots of shade.

Great scenic view. Water and open woods. Paths are pretty wide. Folks were really friendly.

Pretty, shady trail. Not too busy at 8 on Sunday morning. There wasn't much signage so we ended up hiking a couple other trails as well.

trail running
9 months ago

Good for trail running and an escape from DC!

first of all this is 90% paved and very highly trafficked. It is right off a major highway a lot of the time and not a hike for those who enjoy peace and quiet. All the concrete definitely killed my feet, but this trail is about as flat as possible in MD and definitely shouldn't be rated as hard. The start is the middle of a neighborhood and parking is an issue. If you head closer to the park you will find much better parking, and won't have to walk along a really busy street to get into the park.

Trail probably ok for paved biking once in the actual park, but for hiking spend your time elsewhere.

Monday, September 12, 2016

A shady walk through the woods, often along the creek. It crosses some roads, which can have traffic congestion during rush hours.

24 days ago

1 month ago

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