Be careful of the drive up. Lots of blind curves and a narrow road. People take the curves pretty quick and we had to pull onto the shoulder a couple of times to avoid getting smashed.

First mile is uphill with plenty of rocks. After that it is still rocky but levels off. Great views along the way. Definitely worth dealing with the ascent.

Amazing hike! Killer first mile uphill though

We thought we got there early (around 10) and there were about ten vehicles. we spotted only a few groups on the trail but as we were leaving (around 1300) it got busy. I suggest going earlier or go during a weekday.

The first part is all uphill and is killer but it evens out about halfway up the trail. Views are amazing and worth it!!! So beautiful.

Rocky. Recommend good shoes. Excellent hike with beautiful views.

1 month ago

Combined Tibbet Knob Trail with Big Schloss Trail for a 7.5 mile hike with 2000 ft elev. gain. A good workout. Highly recommended.

great view from the bridge as well from the rocks at the very end. a great place to overlook 2 valleys!

Great trail. Steep climb for about a mile, then levels off along the ridge. Beautiful views. Trail is pretty rocky - so would only recommend sturdy hiking boots. Looking forward to completing Tibbett Knob next.

It was a beautiful day to wake up at the gap and decide against doing an 18 miler and just do Big Schloss. I left around 8/9am and ran into a few people but it was generally empty. The trail got a bit more crowded as I returned but nothing out of hand. A beautiful hike for sure and a nice breeze when you get to the ridge.

It was a little over crowded and rocky but those views at the overlook make up for that!

4 months ago

Had this trail mostly to ourselves. The overlook is one of the best views I've come across so far, absolutely beautiful.

One of the best hikes in the East !

6 months ago

Hiked it with my dog. The rock scramble near the top was fun and well worth the view.

A great moderate hike with amazing views at the top!

6 months ago

Views: 4/5. Rocky outcropping at the top gives a beautiful view of the bowl to the South. There were a surprising number of flies and hornets at the top, but other than that was quite nice.
Solitude: 5/5. Saw two other hikers on the trail on a beautiful, sunny Sunday morning.
Difficulty: Medium. Steep at times. Rock scrambles were short and moderately challenging.

A fun day hike for sure with a good reward at the end with great views. We saw some rock climbers while hiking that looked like they were gonna stay the night on top. A nice hike for the region.

6 months ago

Great for a solo hike because it isn't as popular as its sister hike, Big Schloss. I went in March and didn't see a soul. 2 beautiful overlooks. 2 small rock scrambles. I wouldn't consider it a hard hike. perhaps hard for a dog or small children.

Have done this hike 3 times, and have never been disappointed. And while we've never had the trail to ourselves, I have never seen this hike crowded. On all three occasions, I can't recall there being more than a handful of people on the trial. The first mile up is a bear; quite steep and hard on the legs. But after that, it more or less levels out and you are treated to some ridge walking until you reach the rock outcrop of Big Schloss. Simply gorgeous, magnificent views.

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