Have done this hike 3 times, and have never been disappointed. And while we've never had the trail to ourselves, I have never seen this hike crowded. On all three occasions, I can't recall there being more than a handful of people on the trial. The first mile up is a bear; quite steep and hard on the legs. But after that, it more or less levels out and you are treated to some ridge walking until you reach the rock outcrop of Big Schloss. Simply gorgeous, magnificent views.

The first part (..7 miles) is steep, and most of the trail is rocky. The views at the top, though, looking down into both WV and VA are about as great as they get.

on Tibbet Knob Trail

1 month ago

Fun little hike; stopped off with the boyfriend and dog on our way to a cabin. The trail is rocky, which we liked. There are three rock outcroppings with a nice view at the top. Best part was we didn't encounter a single soul on this trail, even though the parking lot it shares with Big Shloss was packed!