As of 6-2-2018. Gate and sign says park is permanently closed.

Currently closed. Doesn’t say why.

A quaint wooded area located in the back of a subdivision. The main trail is lined with rocks but there are many hidden trails that go deeper into the park towards the waterfalls. Spent about 45 mins there. About 5 parking spots located at the entrance beyond the gate. Enjoy.

Best little hideaway. Easy family friendly hike! Came here for a quick weekend hike. Love!

Short trail. Very pretty; definitely a pleasant getaway adjacent to Rte 395. Park closes at 4, and during the summer there is a day camp going on, which can be disoncerting.

Nice respite from the surrounding suburbs. Kids were quickly entranced and invested. We saw several deer at very close proximity. Overall, a pleasant short walk in nature that young kids should enjoy.

short but beautiful ran into a few dear nice short walk.

They do not allow pets!!

would have been nice to know the park closes at 4pm.

Some pretty scenes.... I just wish you couldn't see buildings in the trails

A hidden gem! Small but hilly, the water is great. The lodge is a neat feature. Nearly no one there. Definitely want to come back for the rope bridges in the trees!

It was a short trail, but it gave us a challenge hiking while it was raining a lot. My 12 year old son loved this challenge. Second trail of the year, more to come. Perhaps some signage would make this easier to navigate through.

Great to have such a beautiful park right around the corner. With all the wildflowers in the spring it's quite beautiful. Only giving it 4 stars because I found the trails to be a bit confusing. Nothing is marked. Nonetheless, a lot of fun to explore.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Nice short hike around a pond with a man made waterfall. The kids had a blast throwing rocks into the pond. Lots of things to check out. Pretty nice considering its proximity to 395. directions on this site done seem right but Google maps will take you right there.

Nice little place with a pond. Very close inside the beltway along 395. Enter and park on Roanoke Street. There is a gorgeous looking big log lodge on the site.

Monday, August 13, 2012

During the week, it seems to be focused on the summer camp so it was hard to find information. There wasn't a map or clear trail markings but it was easy enough to find our way around and it made for a nice day hike.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Never did the trail because it's no dogs allowed! Disappointing.

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