Great hike on last of 2016. Very cold, windy, and snowy at the Settlement. Beautiful.

8 months ago

I visited Hensley Settlement a few times several years ago, by vehicle and by foot. It seemed very long and steep but exploring the settlement at the top made it well worth the hike.

10 months ago

11 months ago

we hiked from chadwell gap parking lot to the settlement. the hike was hard going up lots of rocks on the way to chadwell gap. It was very beautiful day sunny no clouds. no water crossing seen. the settlement was empty. all the cabins were locked. lot of history to know about. I will definitely come back.

This is a great trail to hike just if not just for the end result which is the Hensley Settlement. It is like most of the trails in this area in that they difficult in the beginning and end because of the elevation gained. It is definitely worth the hike beautiful place especially in the fall.