I had a nice short walk in a Friday evening: The trails were well kept and it was peace and quiet but it was little too short for me.

Nice short walk around the lakes. Very light traffic on the trail even though it was a nice day. The nature center offers an interesting view of what life looks like underwater at Three Lakes Park.

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6 months ago

A nice hike in clean well kept trails. Pretty crowded when we went, so it is a popular area to visit. Has playgrounds, and a nature center so it would be great for kids.

Easy walk that is very private - perfect for a dog walk or date. The water in the lakes is muddy, so definitely can't swim there, but there is a fishing lake.

A nice easy stroll, great for kids.

Nice for smaller kids with a pretty cool nature center and small aquarium. Lots of aquatic activity in the summers looking from from the big deck at the center.

This was a great hike with the grandchildren. The trail is level and easy to hike. Kids took a camera and had opportunities to photograph great blue heron, ducks, and many turtles.

Short, easy trail. Fine for young children.

Beautiful day and beautiful lakes. I will be back to this park.

This is a beautiful lake. Once we got by the shelter things quieted down.

This is the prettiest trail in the park. It was fun to watch the big birds fishing.

Three beautiful lakes. Especially the one to the right.

This is the biggest lake. I did it on Forth of July weekend and it was busy. The traffic died out once I got around back. This lake appears to be two lakes if you start around it clockwise but that is just a big peninsular and not a land separation of two lakes. Around back there are what appear to be brick kilns and future around is swamp.

Of the three lakes this is the most beautiful AND the least traveled. I did it on a 4th of July weekend and had it to my self. The other two lakes were mobbed. It was a very beautiful day so maybe that added something to the beauty of the lake, but I think it would be a joy any time.