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Amazing as good as it gets.

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Fun hike. We did it clockwise so we hiked the AT & Widcat Ridge portion first. This section was mostly uphill but at a very gradual ascent. There wasn't much to see or do and the trail was very narrow (throughout the entire hike). None the less it was a nice hike through the woods (we went clockwise to do this part first and save the waterhole and views for the end). We did pass some hikers that encountered a bear and a rattlesnake not far from we were but we didn't see either. The swimming hole was refreshing on the hot day and the view points were a nice place to chill for awhile. Some steep uphill climbs to get to those views but it was worth it.

Definitely challenging, but the views are all worth the blood and sweat.

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Do not underestimate this trail. It was pretty hard and took me almost 7!hours to complete. And also make sure to bring plenty of water! The rocks were pretty slippery in the beginning when you make the descent down on the cedar trail so be sure to wear hiking boots. The waterfalls were amazing!!! And if you want to take a dip be sure to bring a swimsuit. Overall one of the best hikes I've ever done!! But next time probably won't do the whole circuit

This was a pretty strenuous hike to do the circuit. The views were great, but the falls were pretty crowded when we went in September. We were on the trail during a massive thunderstorm and found shelter in a little cave. Despite the horrible weather, it was still a really great, really challenging hike!

Ran this loop May 26. Creeks were full of water and the waterfalls were spectacular. This is, in my opinion, one of the best hikes in Shenandoah Park.

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Good loop with a nice ascend out of the canyon. Waterfalls offer some pretty scenery, crowded on the weekends though

Easy short hike with beautiful views!

You'll be hard pressed to find a more beautiful hike. I hiked the loop counterclockwise and the way up is full of waterfall after waterfall. The trip down Cedar Run has slightly fewer and smaller waterfalls but is still great. Just when you think you've seen the biggest one, the next one is even more spectacular. The best part is that you can easily climb onto the rocks and swim in the pools beneath the falls. It's a long trek that is entirely up or down hill so it isn't easy but well worth the effort.