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Pretty good hike and great waterfalls!

Very easy, short hike with beautiful picturesque views at the top. Will be very crowded on nice weekend days. Little rock scramble at the end.

So much fun rock scrambling!! Beautiful views!

Great hike to take children and pets on. Nice rock formation to scramble around on and find a spot to eat a snack on!

This week of clouds finally parted to give us an amazing view from above the clouds. There is also an earthcache here for those familiar.

12 days ago

About a 14 mike loop. Tough but beautiful hike.

13 days ago

16 days ago

We followed the description and it was 98% on point but if you pay attention and read the signs you'll be fine. The only part that wasn't correct was the final leg where it talks about 3 river crossings, I don't recall three or the log scoot part. We didn't see any red trail markings either but we followed trail marker that said parking lot, about .06 miles and found our way back just fine. The hike according to my Fitbit was more like 10.5 miles total...it was difficult so be prepared. Great challenging trail if you're looking for that. Nice waterfalls! Also saw 3 black bears (2 cubs for sure) towards the end of the 2nd leg. Which was pretty amazing ❤️

22 days ago