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Great trail, but very tough, a lot of rocks, steep accents, descents, and switchbacks. Give this one time. The full 7.7 mile circuit will take at least 4-5 hours and the scenery is worth spending some time admiring. For reference we started the trail from hawksbill parking off the skyline drive and went down Cedar Run first and the up white oak canyon trail to the fire road.

I followed the direction on Alltrails that led me to the park fire road. From the fire road I turned left and followed Trayfoot Mountain Trail to the Black Rock. Up on the Black Rock there is a near 360 degree beautiful view plus you got to climb on the strange rock formations. My Alltrails record showed the total distance was 10.4 miles with elevation of 2,336 feet. Total time to finish was close to 5 hours with moving time wa 3:27 with average speed of 3.0 MPH. In retrospect, I should start at the Blackrock Gap parking area on the west side of Skyline Drive south of Milepost 87. I also had trouble to find the trailhead when I crossed the Skyline Drive on the way back. So that counted for the extra miles. Overall it was a fun and exhilarating hike.

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Strenuous, great diversity of creekside hiking to views of the valley. A decent amount of elevation gain/loss, so strap up and grip it and rip it!

I loved it there it's. a nice place to go

Very easy going trail, very fun for my kids to play around on the rocks. We look forward to taking others here soon.