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Shenandoah National Park encompasses part of the Blue Ridge Mountains in the state of Virginia. This national park is long and narrow, with the broad Shenandoah River and valley on the west side, and the rolling hills of the Virginia Piedmont on the east. Shenandoah's Blue Ridge Mountains are covered by hardwood forests that are home to tens of thousands of animals. The Skyline Drive and Appalachian Trail run the entire length of this narrow park that has more than 500 miles (800 km) of hiking trails along scenic overlooks and waterfalls of the Shenandoah River. The highest peak is Hawksbill Mountain at 4,051 feet (1,235 m).

Full disclosure: We hiked with a 5 yo and 8yo. They were both troopers and killed it. But it was a serious hike for my two girls. The 8yo was totally spent. The 5yo was tired but loved it. Frequent breaks and snacks were key. Also key was finding a good walking stick for them. The falls were not spectacular, but if you want to be a little adventurous you can climb a bit to the falls and see it up close. Overall, a decent trail.

16 hours ago

My wife and I hiked the Stony Man Summit trail on our trip to Skyland for our Anniversary. It was a great hike for our first "mountain" hike! The view at the top was incredible! At the fork at the loop, we chose the right-side path, which was a lot rockier and steeper than the left-side path; although it wasn't steep enough to be considered anything harder than we could take.

Excellent hike for what we needed!!

1 day ago

Very nice waterfall

Hiked 2 summers ago, great trail

Challenging trail with rewarding views and waterfall. Dense brush near the top on the southern side and very narrow path in some places. Advise long pants if you plan to hike the entire loop. Watch for bears. I startled one near the top ridge at approximately the halfway point and was within 100 feet. Hiked 6/18/17.

Good hike with plenty of variety and pretty quiet until joining AT. Well signed too

New to backpacking, picked this trail section because you had some getting off spots if needed, and we did. Total fail of rain gear and a tumble on slippery down hill sent us to a hostel for the second night of our trip. This is a serious up hill trail. But we will be back. It was so awesome to stand on top of calf mountain.